Mittwoch 29.05. 19:00 Uhr Musik
dq, little league shows & m:soundtrack prsnt: ASTREL K (indie, swe, ulrika spacek) & ALIEN GRACE (exp/prog rock, bln)
doors 19h - show 20h

dq, little league shows & m:soundtrack prsnt:

ASTREL K (indie/lofi-pop, ulrika spacek members, swe)

&  ALIEN GRACE  (prog rock, bln)

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets at the doors and in pre-sale --> 

ASTREL K blends sonically adventurous sources (film music, post-rock, indie electronica) with intimate vocals and melodies to craft a sound that's both comforting and challenging at once. The solo project of Rhys Edwards enjoyed the patronage of Stereolab, whose revived Duophonic Super 45s label issued the project's debut album, Flickering i, in 2022.

The Foreign Department is the second album by Astrel K, Those already familiar with Edwards’ work will likely know him for fronting the cultishly great Ulrika Spacek, and given he operates as the principal songwriter in both projects, much of the same hallmarks of his cathartic, elliptical songwriting are present in Astrel K. Nonetheless, The Foreign Department feels like a rubicon moment of sorts, and the album that Edwards has unconsciously been working towards his entire creative life.

Berlin-based ALIEN GRACE finds firm footing in the unfamiliar, always agile and one the move, whether with explosive riffs or soaring vocals. Comprising members originating from all of Scandinavia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Malta and Bolivia, the six-piece band looks to the West for their meat and to the East for their spice – specifically, soulful rock peppered with Balkan folk. Hailing from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Bolivia, Malta, and all of Scandinavia, ALIEN GRACE is where all contrasts meet, unlikely friends are made, and unexpected sounds are blended together.

Alien Grace flourishes equally on the stage and in the studio, where the relative newcomers have worked with acclaimed producers Pete Smith (Sting, Joe Cocker) and Mario Breuer (Spinetta, Charly Garcia).

Donnerstag 30.05. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
puschen & little league shows prsnt: zzzahara (indie-rock noise-pop, us) + redbud (indie/psych-pop, us, solo).
doors 19h - show 20h

puschen & little league shows prsnt:

zzzahara / indie-rock noise-pop, us /

+ redbud / indie/pop, us, solo-set! / 

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. pre-sale tickets available --> 



For most of their life, Zzzahara has been looking backward. Raised in LA’s Highland Park neighborhood, their debut album, Liminal Spaces, confronted the changes the community has endured since Zzzahara’s childhood. That sense of loss, coupled with the persistent memories of a painful coming-of-age, led to many late night parties and an avoidant relationship with self-reflection. Liminal Spaces chronicled that ache, but these days, Zzzahara isn’t looking backward much – they’re not even looking forward. They’re just trying to be here, in the moment, as present as possible: “I realized I needed a bigger lens through which to see the world, I didn’t want to be bitter anymore.”

Zzzahara’s sophomore album, Tender, will be released TK via Lex Records, and it documents a period of transition following a devastating breakup. Instead of crumbling, Zzzahara began to look inward by meditating and practicing mindfulness. “I realized that drinking like, 30-40 drinks a week wasn’t making me happy, and that some of the people I hung around with weren’t real friends,” they say. “I still party, but I limit myself. When I spend time with people, I want it to feel intentional.” Touring Liminal Spaces offered Zzzahara an opportunity for further growth. They were on the road constantly following the album’s release, and Zzzahara found themselves fully responsible for the band’s wellbeing. Upon returning to Los Angeles, that sense of responsibility stuck. “If I had to describe what my life is like now, I’d say ‘consistent.’ I’m trying to be consistent with everything I do.”

Consistency requires tenderness, a willingness to cradle the soft parts of yourself that often go unnoticed. “After my breakup, I spent a lot of time sitting in the park journaling and crying,” Zzzahara says, laughing. Some of those pages led to the songs on Tender, whose lyrics Zzzahara describes as honest reflections on the present moment. Lead single “Kensington” narrates a walk down the block where Zzzahara’s new love lives. The ebullient, guitar-driven pop song recalls the Cure in both its instrumental aesthetics and ambiguously saccharine lyrics undercut by a scuzzy, devil-may-care delivery. “I get lost in your eyes/ Puppy smile/ Breath of wine/ Kensington/ Out of air/ Nicotine and despair,” Zzzahara drawls on the opening verse. In just two minutes, they capture the ecstatic experience of falling in love, but later, on “IDK How to Luv,” the anxiety of finding newfound love, and keeping it, takes hold. 

Zzzahara’s work ethic changed in the making of this album, too. “I’m not one of those musicians who can slack off and then make a perfect record in, like, a week,” they say. “I need to be consistently playing, consistently trying to learn new techniques.” To make Tender, they locked themselves in their studio and subsisted on cold brew for nine to ten hours a day. To most, this sounds nightmarish, but the monastic experience gave Zzzahara a sense of total control over the output. “I think that’s what made the record what it is.” While Liminal Spaces was recorded at Stone’s Throw and Zzzahara had access to a range of instruments to make it, Tender thrives on the intimacy created in a home studio. Though Zzzahara produced the bulk of the record, they brought in friend and fellow producer Jannick Frampton to complete it. “I learned so much making my first record and I wanted this one to prove that,” Zzzahara says. They were also inspired by their fans. “Going on tour and watching what songs people really respond to and want to dance to, that made me want to write fast songs.”

The immediacy of these pop songs doesn’t detract from the sincerity of Zzzahara’s lyrics. The dazzling guitar part heard on “Girls on SSRIs Don’t Cry” might hide the song’s pathos momentarily, but the chorus is an open-hearted plea to an ex. “I feel so lost without you,” Zzzahara admits. The album’s opener, “Dust,” was written and recorded during that same period of yearning. It’s a laconic song reminiscent of a mournful 1950s waltz. While Tender can largely be considered a guitar rock album, the instrument is buried in the mix on “Dust,” foregrounding programmed drums and Zzzahara’s raw vocal delivery.

As its title purports, Tender is a sincere album, but that doesn’t stop Zzzahara, as they put it, letting their “asshole side loose.” The determinedly bratty “I’d Like You to Leave” was written after a slew of boring dates, the kind that make you want to hide in your house and never meet anyone again. “It’s my favorite on the album,” they say. “It has the narrative perspective of being kinda drunk at a party and just watching people interact with one another. You get this sixth sense about people – you really see them.” 

It’s easy to recognize the faults in others, less so in yourself. On Tender, Zzzahara is unafraid of the world seeing theirs.

REDBUD's introduction came during COVID with "To the Moon" (2020), a delay-washed fever dream glitched with arpeggiated keys and distortion, and "Opal" (2021), a somber acoustic introspection. While the quartet's debut EP features the same narcotic warmth of the aforementioned singles, Long Nighttraverses psychedelic fixtures without indulging in the genre's worst crutches of aimless meandering and overt obfuscation. Reverb swirls, fluid flanged guitars, and ethereal harmonies fuel "Island" as propulsive breakbeats roll in like crashing waves. On "Franny," singer Katie Claghorn's voice morphs into a playful cadence. It soars, dips, and carves while sonorous saxophone solos and jazz fugues drip and bleed into each other. Prior – cued in with a skittered crash of hi-hat and Technicolor-blossomed chords, respectively – "Kin" and "Sad on the North Side" suspend melodic lines in air like ghostly echoes. Often rushing into sweeping miniatures, Redbud's first collection finds clarity through the haze.

Freitag 31.05. 19:00 Uhr Musik
thirsty & miserable
live: Nape Neck (noisy post-punk, leeds/UK) + Atol Atol Atol (no-wave post-punk, wrocław, Pl). afterwards: JINX w/ DJ Pris V (postpunk wave minimal synth...)
doors 19:00 - show 20:00 - djs 22:00


Puschen + thirsty & miserale present:

Trio from Leeds (UK) playing post-punk that’s simultaneously tangled and taut, danceable and destructed, all while resisting any attempts to be easily situated as the latest addition to a specific geographic and genre-based continuum that stretches back to Gang of Four and
Delta 5.

Nape Neck’s knotted rhythms and the intersecting/overlapping vocal shouts from all three band members bring to mind Scissor Girls or Erase Errata, who also drew inspiration from the spiky tension of first wave UK post-punk and translated it through the more wild and free tendencies of DNA-descended downtown art-noise. Clipped morse code rhythms and sharply punctuated lyrical declarations join forces with delirious, snaking guitar and duelling vocals which push against steady bass throb and stark, calculated beats as Nape Neck walks the tightrope between chaos and calm.
Nape Neck is Claire Adams on bass guitar, Bobby Glew on guitar and Kathy Gray on drums.
Through extensive touring of Europe in other bands (Beards/Guttersnipe) the members of Nape Neck also bring a deep love for DIY sounds and connection, which shows in their organisation (both compositionally and operationally).

Island post-punk from the south of Poland. The tour includes: unlimited cellar snorkeling, coffee on Enewetak and Bikini atolls, free time in the central depression. The cruise crew includes: Łukasz Plata (Ukryte Zalety Systemu, Przepych), Artur Soszynski (Ukryte Zalety Systemu) and Hubert Kostkiewicz (Kurws), powered by vocalist Agata Horwat. The whole is tied together with a dub brace by master of the console Szymon Szwarc (Jesień, Rozwód). „Koniec sosu tysiąca wysp” (The End of the Thousand Island Sauce) is an angular, overstimulated, rhythmically organized yet freedom-hungry punkoid in the vein of no wave or Minutemen, with a face that resembles absolutely no one.

and after 22 h:

>> goth / post-punk / coldwave / NDW / minimal synth dancefloor
>> on decks:
Pris V 

Montag 03.06. 19:00 Uhr Musik
M:Soundtrack presents: RAD (FR/USA) poetic drone weird blues-punk + Wooly Aziz (Bln/ Pakistan) progressive R&B, Soul and Left-Field music.
Event Bild
Get your week started right

M:Soundtrack presents: RAD (FR/USA) poetic drone weird blues-punk with support from Wooly Aziz

After many moons M:Soundtrack welcomes back NicolasLaureau from Paris (Don Ninõ/ NLF3) with a new projects RAD!  a poetic drone weird blues-punk band! and friend and multi-talented Wooly Aziz with new music from her upcoming album Bluelight Moonlight!

RAD: project founded in 2022 by singer/writer Brisa Roché and producer/musician Nicolas Laureau.

RAD: haunting duo creating collaborative slap-you-in-the-face landscapes between blues/elvin singing and drone/guitar exhalations.

RAD: quasi-Tantric dialogue between alarmingly raw improv, electronica, story-telling and heart-of-guitar.

RAD: reduction of « radical », a term used for cool/awesome in the California of the 1980s.

RAD: according to Brisa and Nicolas « A punk lullaby, an inner dialogue turned outer, breathing guitar, NY meets CA meets France with transformation transgender, FX, nature/mountains plus urban plus dreamscapes. FIRE and ICE. »

Brisa Roché und Nicolas Laureau debütieren als RAD
Auf dem französischen Ouvré-Label erscheint gerade das 10″-EP-Debüt des Duos RAD, hinter dem die Autorin und Sängerin Brisa Roché und der Produzent und Musiker Nicolas Laureau (Don Nino/Niño) stecken, die ihr gemeinsames Projekt nach der Abkürzung für “radical” benannten, was im kalifornischen Slang der 80er wohl so viel wie cool oder fantastisch bedeutete. Das nach seinen drei Tracks “Magenta. Cyan. White” betitelte Werk kombiniert blueslastigen Gesang und Spoken Words mit gitarrendominierter Dröhnung, flimmerndem Rauschen und rockigen Strukturen, die mehr als bloße Zitate sind, zu mitreißenden, ohrwurmartigen Soundscapes.

- African Paper 21.11.23

Wooly Aziz is the alias of the Berlin based Pakistani born artists Jannat Sohail.  With atmospheric compositions, Wooly Aziz tells stories of love, war, and migration using elements of progressive R&B, Soul and Left-Field music. The project explores a larger genre spectrum, preserving groove and lyrical storytelling at its foundation.

Most notably in her new upcoming album "Bluelight Moonlight." Aziz is also active as DJ AZIEZ and was listed in the Alternative Power 100 Music List (2020) for resilience and adaptability.



Mittwoch 05.06. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Lofi Lounge
loFi lounge prsnts: Adventure Team [indie-rock°bln] + Susa Berivan [indie/folk°bln]
doors 19:00 - show 20:00

Adventure Team

"Straight from the fertile Berlin DIY underground, multinational three-piece Adventure Team's decidedly guitar-heavy sound is influenced by the numerous boy-girl revolutionaries of the indie rock, indie pop and queercore scenes of the 1980s and -90s as well as the free rock spirit of 1960s and -70s folk rock. 

In between their tuneful melodies, vocal harmonies and emotionally expressive guitar solos, the three band members Jonathan, Juan and Ian dream of a liveable future, look back mercifully on past selves and get lost in the immediacy of the present – while getting inspired by utopian thinkers, dystopian novels, psychedelic experiences, socialist ideas and relationships between everyday people on the way. 
Their new album "In Giraffe" is out now on Glasgow label Heavenly Creature Records."

Susa Berivan (Indie/Leipzig)

Schön still oder wild und laut: tiefe Melancholie und trotziger Lebensmut ziehen sich durch Berivan's Songs. Sängerisch virtuos erzählt, trifft Folk auf experimentelle Ausreiß-Momente und eigenwillige wie zeitlose Melodien. Stilistisch bewegt sich ihre Musik zwischen New Folk á la Alela Diane, chansonesk wie Eartha Kitt und experimentell wie Sophie Hunger - all dies mehrsprachig auf Englisch und Deutsch und neuerdings auch mit Außreißern Richtung NNDW.
Susa Berivan tourte mit ihrem Debütalbum bis nach Osteuropa - Georgien und die Ukraine und spielte auf internationalen Festivals. Nach der Veröffentlichung vom Live-Album 'Session', wurde die Singles 'Oh Boy' und 'Yellow Moon' veröffentlicht. Nach diesen Songs auf Englisch folgt in 2024 eine EP, auf der auch deutsche Songs zu hören sein werden. Auf ihren Live-Konzerten voll dichter Atmosphäre teilt Susa Berivan diese neuen Songs schon mit ihrem Publikum.










Donnerstag 06.06. 19:00 Uhr Musik
thirsty & miserable
Onry Ozzborn (of Dark Time Sunshine - Indie-Rap/Alternative Hip Hop, Pennsylvania) + Guvibosch (MPC-Fingerdrumming Champion. Jerusalem style)
doors 19:00 - show 20:00 - danach DJ Moffo (Hiphop, Beats n Bass/Tel Aviv)


Onry Ozzborn
is a specimen hatched in a quaint village located in the Land of Enchantment.
Eventually making his way to VVeastwick by way of thee Oregon Trail Michael has roamed this area for the better part of light years beginning in 1717. Skillset includes archery, fencing, whittle smith, crocheting, sorcery, & a severe thrifting addiction. However genre bending indie rap is what he specializes in. Vessels for him to do so include Oldominion, Grayskul [Rhymesayers Ent], Dark Time Sunshine, & his solo material under the moniker Onry Ozzborn.

Guvibosch is a Berlin based DJ / producer who stands out and is know for his live improvised finger-drumming performances. Each show consists of instrumental hip-hop put together and played through the renowned MPC sampler. Enjoy the authentic journey of creativity and talent and appreciate the raw hip-hop sounds.

Freitag 07.06. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Ausverkauft: F*CKING ANGRY (Punk) + SCHIMPFPFLICHT (Punk)
Event Bild
Record Release Konzert.

Record Release Konzert.

Bonn und seine Umgebung sind leidlich bekannt für Punkrock-Institutionen wie CANALTERROR, HAMMERHEAD oder MOLOTOW SODA – jetzt kommt eine Band, die schon mit ihrem Namen ein Fass aufmacht und diesem Image auch musikalisch perfekt gerecht wird. Sängerin BECKX besticht mit ihrer sehr markant-fordernden Stimme und Texten auf Englisch und Deutsch, die keinen Zweifel an ihrer Ausrichtung lassen. Musikalisch verdichtet sich all das, was man als die perfekte Symbiose aus der lässig-verachtenden Rebellion des Punkrock und der überrollend-hysterischen Wucht des Hardcore bezeichen könnte.


Das Konzert ist ausverkauft.

Samstag 08.06. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
live: Allgemeines Chaos Kommando A.C.K (Punk/ Frankfurt) + Muell (HC-Punk/ Berlin). nach 22h: NO TEARS FOR THE CREATURES OF THE NIGHT DJs
doors 19, show 20h, djs after 22h!

Seit Ewigkeiten am Start und immer noch kraftvoll voll geradeaus ohne Kompromisse.


Montag 10.06. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Vian + Diamando + Ambra

Vian lässt Genregrenzen verschwimmen, so vereint er Neue Deutsche Welle, Indie und den Sound der 80s. Die Inhalte sind echt und spiegeln seine Erfahrungen mit dem Leben, der Liebe, Sehnsüchten und Ängsten wider. Damit lädt er sowohl dazu ein das Tanzbein zu schwingen, als auch sich voller Gefühle in die Arme zu fallen.

Mit einer außergewöhnlichen Stimme und seinen originellen Songtexten ist Diamando ein aufregender neuer Künstler der neuen neuen Deutschen Welle-Szene, auf den gut geachtet werden sollte. Mit vorantreibenden Beats und eingängigen Melodien zeigt Diamando, dass die neue neue Deutsche Welle aus dem 21. Jahrhundert lebendig und relevant ist. Die Gitarren lastigen Sounds sind unverwechselbar, die Texte erzählen eine andere Geschichte, die die Zuhörerschaft in den Bann zieht und sie nicht mehr loslässt. Diamando ist ein Künstler, der es versteht, das Publikum mit seiner Musik zu begeistern. Durch erfolgreiche Live-Performances erreicht er bereits eine wachsende Fangemeinde, die von
seiner Musik begeistert ist. Seine Musik reißt mit und entflammt!

Chiara R. auch bekannt als AMBRA ist eine Künstlerin mit italienischen Wurzeln die den Status Quo der Musiklandschaft neudefiniert. Die Wahlberlinerin liefert mit ihrer Musik die
volle Palette an Emotionen. Die Künstlerin will mit ihrer innovativen und Genre übergreifenden Musik den Soft Spot der Menschen treffen. Mit einem Fokus auf Melancholie möchte sie mit ihren Texten Bilder malen und ein neues Hörerlebnis für ihr Publikum schaffen. Ihre Musik ist eine ungefilterte und ehrliche Reflexion der menschlichen Erfahrung und erforscht Themen wie Liebe, Verlust und die Komplexität von Beziehungen sowie die Ups and Downs des Erwachsenwerdens. Trotz der oft melancholischen Natur ihrer Musik verleiht AMBRA ihren Songs einen gewissen Note und schafft die Balance zwischen Verletzlichkeit und Stärke. Ihre Darbietungen sind fesselnd, ihre Stimme raw und die Musik so echt wie lange nicht mehr. 2024 startet AMBRA ihren neuen Karriereabschnitt und arbeitet an ihrem ersten Tastemaker Projekt.