Montag 14.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
Catapults (Pop-Punk from Oldenburg) + support
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Catapults “Punk Rock Bottom”

Headline Tour im Herbst 2024

Catapults spielen sich mit ihrer so spaßigen wie gefühlvollen Mischung aus Pop-Punk, Emo und Alternative-Rock schon seit einigen Jahren durch Europa, im Herbst 2024 wird es Zeit für die erste Headline-Tour der vier Oldenburger. An zehn Dates im Oktober und November nehmen Catapults alte wie neue Fans mit auf einen Ausflug zum Boden der Tatsachen und machen mit ihrer Punk Rock Bottom Tour in ganz Deutschland Halt. 

Zuletzt veröffentlichten Catapults ihre EP “Our Current Life”. Jetzt wird es Zeit für etwas Neues. Punk Rock Bottom soll Our Current Life ein gebührendes Ende bieten – und die Türen zu neuen Songs und einer neuen Ära für die Band aufstoßen. 

Die Tour wird präsentiert von Frontstage Magazine, Storm Before The Calm, Superfreunde und Spider Promotion.


Dienstag 15.10. 19:00 Uhr Lesung
LSD - Liebe Statt Drogen
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Einlass 19h Beginn 20h

Andreas „Spider“ Krenzke, Tobias „Tube“ Herre, Uli Hannemann, Eva Mirasol und Ivo Lotion präsentieren Geschichten, Lieder und Gäste.

LSD – Liebe Statt Drogen ist eine der bekanntesten Lesebühnen Berlins. Jeden Dienstagabend gestalten die 5 Mitglieder von LSD und eingeladene Gäste im Berliner Schokoladen ein Programm aus neuen Texten und Songs. Gegründet 1996 besteht LSD heute aus den Mitgliedern Andreas „Spider“ Krenzke, Tobias „Tube“ Herre, Uli Hannemann, Eva Mirasol und Ivo Lotion. Alle 5 genannten Künstler sind als Autoren und Musiker auch in anderen Bereichen aktiv.

LSD bietet jeden 1. & 3. Dienstag ein Offenes Mikro für Menschen an, die spontan etwas vortragen wollen. Beachtet bitte, dass der Beitrag selbstverfasst sein muss und nicht länger als 6 Minuten dauert. Wer am Offenen Mikro liest, braucht keinen Eintritt zahlen und bekommt ein Freigetränk.

Samstag 19.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
reverberation fest & lls prsnt: SUZAN KÖCHER'S SUPRAFON (psych, de) & special guest
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doors 19h, show 20, after 22h DJs

reverberation fest & little league shows prsnt:

SUZAN KÖCHER'S SUPRAFON (de) & special guest

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets at the doors and in pre-sale --> 

+ aftershow with Heller Than Hell

Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon spielen psychedelische Musik zwischen Dreampop, Indie, Krautrock, Disco, ‘60s Vibes, Desert Americana, Soundtrack – sinister, melodisch, atmosphärisch und halluzinierend! Mit ihrer Musik, die einen wie auf einem Strom davonträgt, begeisterte die Band unter anderem auf dem Traumzeit Festival, Orange Blossom Festival, SXSW, Burg Herzberg Festival und dem Reeperbahn Festival. Ihr drittes Studioalbum erscheint im Oktober 2024 auf Unique Records.

Montag 21.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
puschen & little league shows prsnt: PARSNIP (indie/garage-pop, aus, upset the rhythm) + tba.
doors 19:00 - show 20:00

puschen & little league shows prsnt:

PARSNIP / indie/garage-pop/post-punk, aus, upset the rhythm  /

+ tba.

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. pre-sale tickets available --> 


Green shoots have burst forth from PARSNIP, let’s warmly welcome the Australian group’s sophomore album ‘Behold’. Recorded across three sessions over the last three years, ‘Behold’ is a testament to Parsnip at their most creative, catchy and collaborative. This album showcases the multi-talents of all four members, with spirited performances adding dazzle to the thirteen tracks. Paris Richens lets the bass playfully roam. Carolyn Hawkins tumbles feeling into the drum rumble. Stella Rennex’s guitar soars alongside her saxophone work, whilst a sprightly keyboard is tenderly attended by Rebecca Liston. Everyone sings amidst this lush canopy.

Patience, environmental cues and internal signals are integral for a garden to flourish. The same can be said of the conditions necessary for ‘Behold’ to emerge. It is an album gleeful in reassessment, changed priorities and anticipation. The roots are deeply anchored to mystery, drinking up a hidden wonderment that lies within. ‘Monument’ is a twist of melody and mania, “For what am I? But a channel of light” they attest amongst the whoops and hollers. ‘The Babble’ sounds like Ray Davies playing Wordle for enlightenment. In fact most of these songs are pointing the way towards growth and understanding. ‘Turn to Love’ is mesmeric and timeless, thoroughly serene and perfectly judged. Parsnip write songs as a form of communion with the intangible in our increasingly delusory world, but there is always a gentle reminder; don’t take anything too seriously! “My head is gonna split in two, fix it with flour and glue” they demand on ultimate bop ‘Papier-Mâché’, this juxtaposition of mature resolve with childlike astonishment packs a more powerful punch.

On ‘Behold’, Parsnip explore both the inner and outer realms of consciousness with quick wits and some seriously quality jangle and jolt. ‘The Light’ is a whip smart workout, sprouting naturally from the propulsive nature of their debut album ‘When the Tree Bears Fruit’ (2019). ‘Placeholder’ is also devastatingly honest and channels The Field Mice as it buries itself like an arrow into your heart. The production is ambitious, with 12-string and acoustic guitars, percussion, piano, saxophone and harmonium all sitting comfortably in these outstanding songs. Drawing comparisons with Dolly Mixture, Sara Goes Pop and Look Blue Go Purple, Parsnip are an animated ensemble, full of life, emotional complexity and humour. The laughter in the dark is real, but then the sun comes up and we all must meet the day. Even the flowers turn their faces. Behold!

Upset The Rhythm and Anti Fade Records proudly present Parsnip’s first album in five years, ‘Behold’. Available in all good record stores April 26th.

Dienstag 22.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
lls prsnts: VIDEO AGE (indie-rock/lofi-pop, us, winspear) + tba.
doors 19h - show 20h

little league shows prsnts:

VIDEO AGE / indie-rock/lofi-pop, us, winspear recs / 

+ tba

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. tickets at the doors or in pre-sale --> (starts 21.06.)


VIDEO AGE make breezy and timeless songs that are so ineffable, they can only be the result of a decades-long friendship and songwriting partnership. Across four albums, Ross Farbe and Ray Micarelli have gleefully worn their influences on their sleeve, writing inviting tunes that reference sounds ranging from disco to pop and indie rock. On their latest LP, Away From The Castle, the New Orleans duo have strayed from nostalgia and instead have honed their own unique musicality, making songs that sound like themselves with a taste of inspiration from classic singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s. The album is a testament to the possibilities that come from getting out of your comfort zone, the freedom of writing vulnerably and unselfconsciously, and the joys of getting to work with your closest companions. 

After releasing and eventually touring their critically-acclaimed third album Pleasure Line in 2020, Farbe and Micarelli sought inspiration for their next project through collaboration. They worked with Drugdealer on his album Hiding In Plain Sight, Micarelli gigged throughout New Orleans' jazz and blues scenes, and Farbe recorded local artists at his home studio, most recently producing Esther Rose's new album Safe to Run. Feeling refreshed, they rented a cabin in Eunice, Louisiana with touring members Nick Corson and Duncan Troast, where they spent eight days in August 2022 jamming, cooking and writing together.  

Through this process, Video Age have made their best collection of tracks to date by perfectly alchemizing their influences and experiences into a record still tinged with nostalgia, but moving towards a more succinct and authentic voice. Away From The Castle is a document of a band having fun and rediscovering their love for making music together, but it’s also their most honest and personal work yet–Video Age distilled to its purest form. 

Mittwoch 23.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
thirsty & miserable
Loose Articles (Indie-Punk, Manchester/UK) + support
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doors 19:00 - show 20:00


Specialising in discordant, hypnotic repetition, tales of boozy nights out, and radical politics, Loose Articles are a punk quartet from Manchester with plenty to say. Their music speaks to all those determined to get through the age of austerity with tongue in cheek, pint in hand, and two feet firmly on the dance floor.

Donnerstag 24.10. 19:00 Uhr Musik
old and fast
Sabot (Instrumental Duo-ArtPunk US/Czech)

SABOT was formed in 1988 in San Francisco, California by the rhythm section of the punk trio Forethought. SABOT has since continued to be a bass & drums instrumental duo (and kept all original members!). SABOT is: Christopher Rankin – bass guitar Hilary Binder – drums Christopher Rankin was born in Cleveland, Ohio. After moving to Boulder, Colorado in 1978, he began studying saxophone and clarinet. He formed his first industrial music group, Problemist, in San Francisco, California in 1981. Towards the end of his involvement with Problemist, he switched from saxophone and synthesizer to bass guitar. In 1984 he formed Morally Bankrupt, a four-piece progressive punk group. His musical career continued when he met guitarist/singer Tommy Strange, also from Ohio. Together with Tommy and Hilary, he formed the punk-folk trio Forethought in 1986. Two years later he and Hilary moved on to form SABOT. Hilary Binder was born in Washington, D.C. She began her musical career at 6, studying classical violin and piano. Frustrated with the confines of classical music, she began to teach herself drumming at 15 and formed her first punk group, Death Before School, in 1981. After moving to San Francisco, she eventually hooked up with Christopher and Tommy and continued drumming. With the formation of SABOT came an opportunity to expand on the traditional drumming styles of her past groups. Christopher’s musical influences began at an early age with classical music and Dixieland jazz. During the ’70s he developed an appreciation for progressive rock and contemporary jazz. Through Problemist and Morally Bankrupt he gained exposure to and experience with industrial music, punk and other independent musical styles of the ’80s. Today he spends his time listening to ear-splattering Japanese noise bands and the occasional super avant and difficult jazz movements of the late ’60’s. Hilary’s musical influences started with her classical musical training, which continues to affect her ideas about composition. For ten years she almost exclusively listened to punk and hardcore music, though she is always sneaking in private time with soul, go-go and hip hop.

Mittwoch 13.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
The Bottom Line (punk/uk) + Support: Holly Would Surrender (hh)
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+ Support: Holly Would Surrender (hh)
Einlass: 19:00 | Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

Samstag 16.11. 19:00 Uhr Musik
little league shows
puschen & little league shows prsnt: PERSONAL TRAINER (indie-rock, nl) + tba.
doors 19h, show 20h, aftershow djs tba

puschen & little league shows prsnt:

PERSONAL TRAINER / indie-rock, nl / 

+ tba.

at Schokoladen. doors 19 uhr, concert starts 20 uhr. pre-sale tickets available --> 

aftershow DJs tba. 

If you like pop music to keep you on your toes, Amsterdam collective PERSONAL TRAINER provide that service fulsomely on their second album. Essentially the project of Willem Smit (working with co-producer/collaborator Casper van der Lans) on record and a band live, Personal Trainer showed a facility for DIY indie-pop exuberance and experiment in sync with 2022’s debut, Big Love Blanket. Now signed to Bella Union, Willem returns re-energised with Still Willing, a multi-faceted album of shining contrasts and spry melodies, bursting arrangements and subliminal sounds, playful lyrics and self-reflection: in short, a pop album executed with dynamism, vim and charm.

As Willem says, this is a record fuelled by its extremes: sometimes energetic and loud, sometimes quiet and thoughtful, always full of hidden pleasures. “When I listen to the records I make, the main thing I hope is that every time something happens on them, you’re like, ‘Wow.’ I like to be taken by surprise like that on a record, to kind of be thrown around.”

Willem is the epicentre of the band, which originated from impromptu and exhilarating live shows featuring ever-shifting members of different local bands sharing a bustling stage. The live line-up has solidified somewhat but Willem still welcomes the contrast with his recorded work: “When I make the record, it’s me calling the shots. But I can’t tell everyone exactly what to do every second when we’re on stage. There’s, like, shakers flying around or instruments being thrown all over the place, so I don’t have the capacity to control that. And that’s really exciting to me.”

The band consists of Willem Smit (vocals) Kilian Kayser (percussion), Leon Harms (drums), Mart Boumans (guitar/sax), Franti Maresova (guitars), Ruben van Weegberg (bass), and Abel Tuinstra (keys/synths).

“A triumph of creative soundcraft, knitting together samples, studio trickery, and towering hooks.”
Under The Radar

“Cushily familiar yet riotously unique; pantomiming and compelling.”
So Young Magazine 

“Dutch indie-rockers expertly juggle with pathos, clatter and Malkmus-esque deadpan.”

Freitag 21.02. 19:00 Uhr Musik
Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking
Velvet Two Stripes (Garage/ Blues-Rock/ Riot Grrrl Punkrock | CH) + support
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Velvet Two Stripes    (Garage/ Blues-Rock/ Riot Grrrl Punkrock | CH)

Vielleicht sollten wir Jack White dafür danken, dass er den Geist des Blues Rock während der letzten 15 Jahre ins gegenwärtige Zeitalter gebracht hat und somit die Bedeutung einer der ältesten Rockmusik-Genres übermittelt hat. White hat den Weg für Bands wie The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs und Deap Vally geebnet. Alle von ihnen mit charismatischen Frauen ganz vorne, die den Mix aus Garage, Blues, Fuzz Rock und Riot Grrrl Punk zelebrieren. Ein Gebiet, auf dem kürzlich eine aufregende neue Band ihren rostigen Van abgestellt hat: Velvet Two Stripes.

Endlich eine europäische Band, bereit, mit den Großen der Szene zu konkurrieren, die Jungs in ihrer Garage herauszufordern und dabei zu beweisen, dass junge Frauen sehr wohl ein Gespür für echten Blues haben. Ihr aktuelles Album "No Spell For Moving Water" erscheint am 6. Oktober 2023 und wurde in Vancouver, WA aufgenommen. Für den passenden Klang sind zwei Koryphäen der Rockszene verantwortlich: Vance Powell (Mixing, u.a. The White Stripes, Buddy Guy) und Pete Lyman (Mastering, u.a. Tom Waits, Weezer). 

Wie geht's weiter? Immer voran, immer in Bewegung bleiben, verbündet zu dritt. Sophie, Sara und Franca sagen: „Die Musik bleibt das Wichtigste. Wir müssen keinen Trends entsprechen, wir müssen niemandem gefallen, nur uns selbst.“

Für Fans von:
The Kills, Deap Vally, The Dead Weather, The White Stripes, Sunflower Bean, Bass Drum Of Death, The Picturebooks, Yeah Yeah Yeahs