Die Veranstaltungen der letzten Woche

Di 23.04.2019
20.30 Uhr
Lesung   LSD - Liebe Statt Drogen

Micha, Volker, Uli, Tube, Spider, Ivo und Sascha präsentieren Geschichten, Lieder und Gäste.

Mo 22.04.2019
19.00 Uhr
Musik   210 (AFA Hardcore from Moscow) + Unfaded (Hardcore from Göttingen) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

door 7 pm, show 8 pm ( from 10 pm STRANGE TUNES ON MONDAY)
210 is an Antifascist hardcore band from Moscow, Russia.

Formed in 2009 by the members of such bands as Razor Bois, Old Style Values, Feeding The Fire and Maskit, 210 soon became the voice of the militant Antifascist scene in Russia. The band was named after the infamous Law #210 of a Russian Criminal Code which the authorities usually employ to prosecute Antifascist activists. One of the core principles of the band was to use its music to collect funds in support of jailed Antifascists and the victims of Nazi attacks.

The band developed its own style of aggressive skinhead hardcore with angry lyrics dedicated to Antifascist struggle, working class pride, street fights, rugby, football, martial arts and unity. The straightforward message of 210 gained it many enemies, especially among Neo-Nazis who attempted to physically attack the band numerous times. But despite all the problems with the authorities and boneheads the position of the band still remains the same: strong opposition to any forms of fascism and discrimination and call for international freindship!

210 has released 4 albums: “First Blood”( 2009) ,“Not One Step Back”(2010) , Generation (2014) and “Dust in the eyes” (2017) played countless shows across Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - most of them were benefit events in support of Antifa movement . In 2011 the band went on its first Euro-tour, performing in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. In 2014 210 successfully played a tour in UK. Since 2014th band played numerous shows in Hungary, Slovakia, UK, Czech Republik, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, France and Austria.

und nicht vergessen
VIII. Too Drunk To Watch - Punkfilmfest Berlin
2.-5.5.19 im Lichtblick Kino

So 21.04.2019
20.00 Uhr
Musik   Schokoladen OPEN STAGE

play your songs unplugged!
starts between 8:30 and 9 pm. artists should arrive around 8 pm!

cozy athmosphere, perfect sound and support by our engineer, delicate tunes afterwords and delicious drinks!

Just you, perhaps a friend, not more than two instruments and two to four songs! no drums or bass amplifier!
just come over!


Sa 20.04.2019
19.00 Uhr
Musik   little league shows & twintoe recs prsnt: ARROTZAK (post-punk, eh/es) + BAUS (post-punk, us)

doors 7 pm, show 8 pm. aftershow: TEAR POP TO SHREDS djs (post-funk/post-punk/mutant-disco/...)!

Little League Shows & Twintoe Records prsnt:

ARROTZAK /// post-punk, eh/es
& BAUS /// post-punk, us

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts around 8 pm! after 10 pm: Tear Pop to Shreds. disco not disco edition. - post-funk/post-punk/mutant-disco/... w/ djs t. & r. (rhythm section of both BIG EATER & Tanning Bats). --> tiny.cc/l1dp4y
»ARROTZAK (basque for Outsiders / strangers) is a post-punk band from the Basque Country. Their music, melodic and gutsy with a dark 80's touch, reminds of that Red Dons / No Hope for the kids / Wipers / Gorilla Angreb type of sound. They have newly realeased their second full-length "Lurzoru Hotzetik" in which their songwritting has become punchier and hookier with lyrics written both in spanish and basque.«

/// arrotzak.bandcamp.com ///

»Together as a 3-piece garage/angular/post-punk band, BAUS is touring Europe in April. A new record coming out on Digital Regress with sounds like Gang of Four/Talking Heads/ESG + more punk, BAUS has been coined the sound of Oakland, being just as hard to pin down as the city itself. Having two full US tours completed plus about ten 2-3 week tours in between those, BAUS has played several US festivals and have been written about by Pitchfork, Terminal Boredom, NOISEY, and local publications. BAUS have played with legends like Bush Tetras and local favorites including Marbled Eye and The World. A true energetic experience.«

baus.bandcamp.com /// instagram.com/bausband

Fr 19.04.2019
19.00 Uhr
Musik   OFFBEATCLUB: Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation (SkaRocksteadyReggae-Köln) & Die Pyjamas (Ska, Reggae & Beyond-Bernau)

aftershow: dj goldfinga (reggae/ska/dub)
Als Fans haben JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION bereits jede Welle des Ska gesurft und vor den Bühnen ihren All-Time-Heroes wie DERRICK MORGAN und ROY ELLIS, THE SPECIALS und THE SELECTER, THE SLACKERS und THE AGGROLITES aber auch den großartigen Originators wie THE VALKYRIANS und THE UPSESSIONS gehuldigt. Als Band haben sie sich nun auf ihre eigene Mission begeben, einen weiteren fruchtbaren Zweig im Stammbaum des Ska wachsen zu lassen.

Drei Typen, zwei Stimmen, ein Sound. Kleine Besetzung mit großer Schlagkraft! Mit Rudie-Drums, Offbeat-Gitarre, Vintage-Orgel und tiefem Reggae-Bass sind es vor allem die eng verzahnten Arrangements, die den Sound formen. Egal, ob die brilliante Stimme von CHRISSY REGGAE fasziniert oder sich das raue Timbre von Mastermind JOHNNY SKA in den Gehörgängen festsetzt, dem speziellem Charme dieser hard groovin’ kick-ass tunes kann man sich nur schwerlich entziehen.

Die Pyjamas - 2017 startet die Haute Couture der Schlafanzüge.
Das Paris des Skas - das Mailand des Reggaes - Metropole für extravaganten Hörgenuss und für jeden Anlass passend geschnitten.
Für ein schmeichelhaftes Luxusgefühl auf den Ohrmuscheln.



Do 18.04.2019
19.00 Uhr
Musik   [wolf​:​gang] | antifacist metal.punk.rap + Spielothek (Punk+HC from NZ) presented by Punkfilmfest Berlin Booking

doors 7 pm, show starts 8 pm. after 10 pm: DJ HunkyDory - post-punk/wave/garage


nice! gut! toll! schön! awesome! fantastic! cool!




antifacist metal.punk.rap from Göttingen




Punk and hardcore from New Zealand in Berlin.



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