Mittwoch 08.01.2020 19:00 Uhr Musik

Thema: Fourtrack On Stage
Tan LeRacoon (Glam/Rock, Hamburg) + Ben Osborn (Folk, Berlin)

präsentiert von ByteFM / Foto: Casa De Chrisso

Tan LeRacoon stellt sein neues Album "Funeral Tour Of Roses" vor!

This was was called Gothic Soul, Glam Dub, weird indie folk, psychedelic freestyle, baroque pop, a total piece of art, a punk rock Van Morrison. Tan would contradict it all. He is long enough in the game to know old school power pop to electronica, young enough to still have the urge and hunger to go out there and create something new. Welcome to the Funeral Parade Of Roses.

"Glamorous and mysterious" -Hanseplatte

Ben Osborn
Ben Osborn is a composer, poet and multi-instrumentalist. Already known as a composer for theatre and film and a lyricist and librettist, 2019 sees the release of his debut album Letters from the Border.

Channelling Leonard Cohen-esque balladry, Ben draws also from electronica, folk and 20th century art music. Ethereal string sections rise and fade, Björk-like beats skitter, Erik Satie piano chords drift into view: in less capable hands it might sound miscellaneous, but he weaves his disparate influences into textural tapestries that sound like nobody but him.