Montag 30.09.2019 19:00 Uhr Musik

Thema: little league shows
little league shows prsnts: JUST FRIENDS AND LOVERS (lofi/post-punk/indie, au) + SHYBITS (indie/garage pop, bln)
doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, after the show: Strange Tunes on Mondays djs

Little League Shows prsnts:

Just Friends and Lovers /// lofi indie post-punk, vie, CUT SURFACE Recs
& Shybits /// indie rock/garage pop, bln, Duchess Box Records

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts around 8 pm! after the concert: Strange Tunes On Monday djs.
»Just Friends and Lovers once again display that – despite the bandwidth and diversity of their songs – their formula is pretty consistent throughout: Actively pushing and pulling between pop sensibilities and punk attitude since 2011, JFAL are a dab hand at not only the swap of instruments, but first and foremost at timbering strong melodies, viral in their catchiness, zested with provocative and wistful lyrics – oozing out as opalescent tales of passion, murder, visions and friendship. This palpable and tuneful combination of joyful urge & pensive melancholy, of humor & annoyance pictures their really open attitude towards music and their strong belief in people’s power. All this, blissfully consolidated by the band’s visual mise-en-scène (© Sarah Sternath), paying tribute to Valie Export’s revolutionary „Action Pants“. Oh Those Pants! … Power Pants! Their new album »Her Most Criminal Crimes« can evoke smiles or shivers, depending on your state of mind, and – with it’s preference for resourceful originality over standard technique – sparkles like the charming chance-child of jangle-pop simplicity and post-punk disorder.« ///

»Shybits is a Berlin based post punk garage rock trio made up of friends Liam from Brighton,UK (Guitar & vocals), Piero from Italy (Bass & vocals) and Meg from South Africa (Drums). The fuzzy, feel-good sound is reminiscent of post punk and 90s garage rock and has been described as’’ Beach Boys suntan nostalgia meets Beatlesque Bedroom pop’’. Shybits have played with acts such as Pip Blom, Balagan, DANCEHALLl, Vundabar, RÁN, Feels and Winter amongst others and are presently working on their new record. Their debut EP, Idiot Like You, was released in 2018 on Duchess Box Records (home of acts such as Gurr). They were signed to the label not long after their very first show. Latest single 'Colours' was released on 7 June 2019.« ///