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Thema: Lofi Lounge
LofiLounge presents: Golden Dark (Indie/Berlin) + Scar Polish ( Neo-Psychedelic / Indie / Electroni
DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)
Scar Polish 

Berlin-based Scar Polish, moniker to British-born Robin Fisher, is the final
product of a transition phase. Taking an indie rock upbringing and switching
things up with the inclusion of deranged electronics, Scar Polish takes a
new musical leap into dream psychedelia, gritty sampling and ethereal
soundscapes, yet keeping it playful, personal, lo-fi to its fullest and,
most importantly, doing DIY justice.

"Patching together elements from psych-rock with the finest combination of
sampling and lo-fi glitch electronica, Fisher’s refined aesthetics and
captivating live shows are earning him the reputation he deserves within and
beyond the German capital’s thriving underground scene."
polish-releases-the-video-for-protein-coated-sadness-405-premiere-153> The

"Science Friction manages to be droney, glitchy and sun-drenched all at the
same time; a veneer of quiet optimism coating the EP’s subdued, pensive
core. The record is a fascinating hybrid, treating each track with a
delicate minimalism. It feels like an album for cruising down an endless
highway, or being enveloped by a blissed out sunset on a midsummer evening."
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"The psychedelic era turned upside down, driving through blips and bloops,
and dragged experimental fits. So is Robin Fisher's project, or Scar Polish
to the intimate. Fill your glass, get your favorite psychotropic, and have a
good trip." -
th-scar-polish.html> The Blog That Celebrates Itself 

"What I could only describe as Doom Electronica, Protein Coated Sadness is
dark and droney, with sounds that seem to have been pounded out of a broken
Atari ST. Scar Polish are one of those unique artists that jump out, not
necessarily for being the next big thing, but for being full of character
and doing what they do well." -
sadness-single-review/> The Cauteriser (Rating: 7.8/10) 


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Golden Dark "Between easy and uneasy listening." An Estonian-Portuguese-UK band. Psychedelic Rock with influences of experimental and contemporary music.