Fr 24.08.2018
18.30 Uhr
Musik   Hofkonzert: Spermbirds + duesenjaeger

24.08.: Schokoladen-Hofkonzert mit



doors 18:30 - show 19:30
+ Aftershow-Party mit DJ Schapur

Kostenbeitrag 10,-

VVK am Schoko-Tresen, cheers!


Fr 07.09.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Bearfoot Beware (Math-/ Noise-Rock from Leeds/UK) + Irk (Noiserock from Leeds/UK)

Bearfoot Bewaredoors 19:00 - show 20:00

Bearfoot Beware are a math / noise-rock band from Leeds for fans of Fugazi and Faraquet. The band have shared a stage with the likes of Future Of The Left and Pneu and have toured extensively around the UK and Europe including playing Leeds / Reading Festival and Kuistax Festival.

Irk are noise-rock band from Leeds for fans of The Jesus Lizard and Meshuggah. The band have shared a stage with the likes of Pissed Jeans and Liturgy, and have toured extensively around the UK and Europe including playing ArcTangent Festival and a forthcoming appearance at this year's Wrong Festival.

Mo 10.09.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: WERL (Baker/Järmyr of Nadja, ZU, Motorpsycho...) + James Welburn (w/ Amund Kleppan)

doors 19:00 - show 20:00

WERL is a duo of Canadian guitarist Aidan Baker (also of Nadja, BBS, etc.) and Swedish drummer Tomas Järmyr (also of Zu, Motorpsycho, etc.) making entirely spontaneous, improvisational music which encompasses chaotic free-jazz, blistering metal, atmospheric drones, and experimental ambient. WERL released their debut, self-titled 2CD album in 2016 on Belgian label Consouling Sounds and released a follow-up LP, HH.2016.09.08, documenting a live performance in Hamburg, jointly released by the German label Wolves And Vibrancy Records and the Italian label Dio Drone.

James Welburn's debut album 'Hold', published by Miasmah, was described as "Like watching a massive twisting fire slowly fading into the open skies, accompanied by a drum section so repetitive yet mind bending that you're unsure if it's ever going to stop" Hailing from the UK, but located in both Berlin and Lillehammer, James has been on a path to catch the perfect drone through the last years, playing an abundance of underground drone and noise sets in Berlin and Norway. Welburn performs a live set on the boundary between noise rock and electronica, modifying dirty electric bass sounds with abstract software effects into dark engulfing soundscapes and searing bass drones that breathe with a mysterious forceful energy. A relentless rhythm section, performed by Amund Kleppan, drives the music forward, forming epic compositions of sound and noise.

Sa 15.09.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Postford (Nordseepunk, Bremen) + Gwehrmutter (Punk, Berlin)
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