Sa 11.05.2019
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Süper!Nice!, HEADZ UP & Total Volume prsnt: ELECTRIC OCTOPUS (psych acid exp jam rock, belfast)

doors pm, show 8 pm. aftershow: DJ Eggs Delicious (60s/70s/psych/funk/stoner/rock)

HEADZ UP & Total Volume present - Volume CXV - feat.:

Electric Octopus | Belfast, NIR, UK
Aftershow: DJ Eggs Delicious | Berlin, DE

Sat, 11.05.2019
Schokoladen, Berlin
Doors 19.00h | Start 20.00h
No presale | Entry 8-10€

SMILE. Cause we are back! Kickin' off our series with our dear friends and Northern Ireland's Infinite Jammin' Space Invaders in Electric Octopus for one of their rare, two hours lasting, adventurous Extended Jam Sets. Get ready to hit your long-tripped-lead-guitar-jam-loving soul for a trip with blazed-out moonbeams, splintered sunlight and the essence of a cool breeze, while our local Western-shirt wearing vinyl hero DJ Eggs Delicious will serve us a tasty, funky disco aftershow!

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Total Volume -
Schokoladen -

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Tentacular Extra-Instrumenterrestrial Funkadelic Strawberry Acid Jam Hyperloop | Belfast, NIR, UK |
New LP 'Smile' (2019):

INTO THE SPIRAL. Since 2016 having released a ton of DIY records dripping in Blues, Cool Jazz, Funk, Psych and 70s Acid Prog, especially with their first adventurous LP 'This Is Our Culture' the Irish trio in Electric Octopus became known as an exciting, musical cabal of intense, instrumental and cosmic jamming par excellence. What this band does is something others so easily fail at: The ability to find the center, build around it, spiral out, swoop back in - and nearly give the listener the feeling of earthly abandonment. Their sound captures the essence of a historic past, conjuring up ghosts from Jimi Hendrix' 'Electric Ladyland', from Neal Casal's 'Circles Around the Sun' or Al Kooper's 'Super Session' while bringing it back into the here and now - effortlessly, timelessly, without flaws and strikingly fresh. Music for the perfect road trip. Or love making session.Just craeting this smile with delight!

FFO: Funkadelic, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Peter Green

➤ Aftershow with DJ EGGS DELICIOUS

60s | 70s | Psych | Funk | Stoner | Hard Rock | Berlin, DE
Just serving delicious cuts in handsome Western shirts.

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