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Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: 3 South & Banana (Indie/Berlin/Paris) + Steppenkind (Indie/Berlin)

DJ Monophonic (Indie, Electro, Pop)
3 South & Banana 

3 South & Banana is the brand new solo project from Aurélien Bernard, drummer in
European art-pop-psychedelic troupe, Cairobi. 'Fake Jungle' is the first fruit of
Aurelien's labour; a colourful, saturated alternative pop trip reminiscent of
Stereolab, Ariel Pink, Melody's Echo Chamber, Tame Impala etc. Coverage expected
from The Line of Best Fit, the 405, London In Stereo, NME, spot plays on BBC Radio


Berlin-based trio Steppenkind merge the distinctive spoken word lyrics of Irish
native Brendan Cleary, German musician Can Winter’s multi-instrumental accompaniment
of drums, synth and saxophone, and the consummating synthesizers of Hotte Schulz.
Together they create climatically charged compositions that have a mesmerising yet
dancey hold.

Dark synths and spoken word

Comparisons to Anne Clark, Nick Cave.

Steppenkind, ein Trio in Berlin, zusammengesetzt aus Irish-native Lyricist/
SpokenWord/ Autor Brendan Cleary und den beiden multi-instrumentalisten Can Winter
und Hotte Schulz.
Es gibt Drums, Synthesizer, Gitarre, Vocals und noch mehr Synthesizer. Krasse
Atmosphäre, Dark usw. also quasi Dark Wave mit Irischem Akzent.

Mi 07.11.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Lakes of Light (Indie/Elektro/Berlin) + Raw By Peppers (Indie/Korea)

DJ Monique from California (Indie/Synth/Wave)
Lakes of Light (Indie-Elektro/Aus)

We're on top with the electro pop. Directly from the beach... Now residence
of Marzahn the new trend quarter. Recording on 20th floor of platen bau...
Only 2 exists in the group, Damian Press (keys guitar) and Ben King vocals
and samplers. They were already successful with another band called
Expatriate and toured for two years with Placebo.


Through their tender croons over emotionally rich, dreamy and atmospheric
sounds, the three-member indie rock band Raw By Peppers offer a hypnotic musical experience of the space and universe. The group's arresting new release,
Cosmos, captivated a large following in the underground indie music scene in Korea
and serves as a testament to their soon-to-come international fame.

The album [COSMOS], which carries space journey of boys, is the expanded
version of their vision of the universe that was shown in the previous work
[Spaceship out of bones]. To fully include the energy, it was recorded as One take without
dubbing. And was wraped up by Emily Lazar's mastering who has been nominated for Grammy
by working with David Bowe, Paul McCartney, Velvet Underground, Wu-Tang Clan, Coldplay and many others.

Mi 21.11.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Pit Przygodda (Ex Go Plus) + People Club (Indie/Berlin)

DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)
Pit Przygodda (Ex Go Plus)

Pit Przygodda hat sich für diesen Abend viel vorgenommen:
Er präsentiert Material aus 5 seiner Alben. Und zwar aus 2 vergangenen und
aus den 3 kommenden.
Hierfür kehrt der Pop- und Film-Musiker an sein Ursprungsinstrument zurück:
das Klavier.
Das Klavier ist Quelle unzähliger Songs und Sounds aus fast 40 Jahren
Wer Pit noch aus "Go Plus"-Zeit kennt, wird sich über
Klavier-Interpretationen aus dieser Epoche freuen und sich gleich im
Anschluß über instrumentale Kompositionen mit Jazz-, Romantik- und
Impressionismus-Einflüssen nicht wundern. Außerdem sind Stücke der kommenden
(2019) und der vergangenen (2012, "Lied") Gesangs-Platte zu hören. Mit dabei
wird ein alter Mitstreiter aus Schulzeiten: Jens Windeler am Saxophon und
falls nötig, auch an diversem anderen Instrumentarium.

People Club

Ruminative and daydreamy vocals coloured with sleazy rhythms, slacker rock
guitar lines and hypnotic synths make up the distinctive sound of People
Formed in Berlin in late 2017, the band were brought together over a love of
intimate storytelling and lavish effects, and after sell-out performances in
Berlin and London will be releasing their much-anticipated first official
release before the end of the year.

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