Do 21.02.2019
19.00 Uhr
Musik   little league shows prnsts: GO!ZILLA (garage psych fuzz, it) + GHOST PONY [mud pop, bln].

doors 7 pm, show 8 pm! aftershow dj: miss danger (rare grooves/psych/freakbeat... on vinyl)!

Little League Shows prsnts:

Go!Zilla /// psych/fuzz/garage, it
& Ghost Pony /// mud pop/garage/surf, bln

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts around 8 pm. after 10 pm: dj miss danger (rare grooves/psych/freakbeat... on vinyl)!
"Modern Jungle’s Prisoners" is Go!Zilla's comeback record after 2 years from the last release. It’s the beginning of a new sound adventure for the 5 Italians - formed by Luca Landi (voice and guitar), Mattia Biagiotti (guitar), Fabio Ricciolo (drums), Niccolò Odori (Synth and percussions) and Federico Sereni (bass) - from the psych rock to the search of new sound territories to give life to a concept album about the mental captivity in the urban jungle. A special collaboration with Enrico Gabrielli (Pj Harvey, Calibro 35 etc) that plays sax in “Falling Down Ground” and the German photographer Thomas Hoepker, author of the picture in the front cover: a mural of forest in South Bronx that describes exactly what the record is. Out on April 27th, 2018 for the French label Teenage Menopause RDS.

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Ghost Pony is a German band located in Berlin. The Quartett plays their own mix of Garage and Surf with dreamy melodies labeled as 'mud pop'. Their songs are defined by swampy guitar riffs and a dark voice that sounds like a distant cave echo.


Mo 11.03.2019
19.00 Uhr
Musik   little league shows & powerline agency prsnt: Le Villejuif Underground (garage/exp/..., fr, born bad records) + tba.

doors 7 pm, show starts 8 pm, after the show: Strange Tunes on Monday DJs

Little League Shows & Powerline Agency prsnt:

Le Villejuif Underground /// garage/exp/..., fr, BORN BAD RECORDS

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts 8 pm! no pre-sale, tickets at the door! aftershow: Strange Tunes On Monday djs.
»A bass player looking like the main character of a surf movie shot in Chernobyl. A guitar player who’ll take french rap or thaï music over the Stooges, anytime. A keyboard player invited at reharsal by mistake who got the job cause he felt asleep on his synth. An australian poet-singer lost in France with no papers, sleeping in a cabin in the backyard of the Villejuif house where the whole band lives, sets up shows and records the most vital, exciting and enthralling records heard in France for a long, long time.

PRs & managers would kill for such a story – this one is 100 % accurate and happened just like any great story : by chance. Just like the music of Le Villejuif Underground, the result of happy accidents and unholy alliances, something that was never meant to be but became an astonishing fandango of sorts. Think FAT WHITE FAMILY covering OINGO BOINGO with BEAT HAPPENING’s gear. Think BECK’s One Foot In The Grave remixed by DANIEL JOHNSTON and BRIAN WILSON. Think AUSMUTEANTS, THE SPITS, THE FEELING OF LOVE or A FRAMES when they really nailed it. Actually, you shouldn’t think about any of this cause whatever you do, you’ll still be far from reality. Way too far.« ///

Do 14.03.2019
19.00 Uhr
Musik   little league shows & m:soundtrack: SLOE PAUL (lofi exp pop, stgrt) + CHEVALIER AVANT GARDE (wave/synth-pop, can)

doors 7 pm, show 8 pm! aftershow djs tba.

Little League Shows
& M:Soundtrack prsnt:

Sloe Paul /// lofi/exp pop, stgrt, Treibender Teppich Records
& Chevalier Avant Garde /// synth-pop/wave, can

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show starts around 8 pm. aftershow djs tba!
»Sloe Paul schickt die Hörer in ein groovy Synth-Pop Delirium, lässt LoFi Attitüde mit Psychedelic Sounds verschmelzen. Im Schlafzimmer produzierend bedient sich Sloe Paul charmant unkonventionellen Strukturen und Mustern und formt mit außergewöhnlichem Spiel einer breiten Instrumentierung einen sehr persönlichen Sound. Mit dem 2018 bei Treibender Teppich Records erschienenen Debüt „Paul Abbrecht’s Album“ werden DIY Helden wie R. Steevie Moore rekurriert, dabei finden Soul und Discogedanken ebenso Platz wie 60ies Popbezüge und Shoegaze-Einflüsse. Live wird Sloe Paul zu fünft gespielt: Die Band schafft einen musikalischen Rundumschlag von R’n’B über Jazz und Ambient zu Dreampop und New Wave, interpretiert und improvisiert Songs, die einem die leichte Prise eines Nightrides in Miami um die Ohren wehen lassen.«

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»Chevalier Avant Garde is a Montreal-based duo of euro ex pats Dimitri & Filip who share a love of low lighting shadows and ancient ruins. Like Alejandro Jodorowsky, globetrotting enigmas Filip and Dimitri are citizens of an aesthetic more than any recognized polity. For fans of 154-era Wire, dark sophisticated synth-pop, island exotica, and hit singles.«

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