So 21.08.2016
20.00 Uhr
Musik   Schokoladen OPEN STAGE

play your songs unplugged!
starts between 8:30 and 9 pm. artists should arrive around 8 pm!

Just you, perhaps a friend, not more than two instruments and two to four songs! Sign at Schokoladen or under this adress: ... or just come over!

Mo 22.08.2016
21.00 Uhr
Party   "SCHOKOKUSS" presents: PartyNight

Die queere Punk-Elektro-Nacht

Di 23.08.2016
20.30 Uhr
Lesung   LSD - Liebe Statt Drogen

Anschliessend: LAUT UND BILLIG - Der Wilde Gitarren Tresen
Micha, Volker, Uli, Tube, Spider, Ivo und Sascha präsentieren Geschichten, Lieder und Gäste.

Mi 24.08.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Fourtrack On Stage: Shotgun Jimmie (Indierock, Kanada ) + Adventure Team (Situationist Pop, Berlin)

Präsentiert von ByteFM, & das klienicum + DJs!
Fourtrack on Stage im Schokoladen, Ackerstr. 169, U8 Rosenthaler Platz

Einlass/doors: 19:00 / Beginn/start: 20:00 (pünktlich/sharp)
Eintritt: 6-8 € (you decide yourself) / Live music ending: 22:00 Uhr - danach: DJs


Shotgun Jimmie (You've Changed Records, Kanada)
Shotgun Jimmie releases his new album, Field of Trampolines, on Friday, March 18, 2016 via You’ve Changed Records. The record’s debut single, “Join The Band,” premieres today courtesy of the classic Canadian band breakfast stop, Aunties & Uncles. Listen HERE. Field of Trampolines is a perfect summer album, recorded at the Eastern end of a cross-Canada tour in August 2015. Shotgun Jimmie and his band (Winnipeg’s wonderful Human Music) slept under the stars, played rock shows, and swam every possible lake. Crowds were surfed. They ate from orchards and cooked by campfire. The record was produced by Joel Plaskett in his Dartmouth, NS studio, New Scotland Yard. Joel is a magician, a musician, and a legend. They worked quickly, recording live and mixing fast in a single four-day session. Joel captured the summer vibes like a glow bug in his bare hands. Here are ten songs celebrating life’s joys: life on the road (“Join The Band”), natural phenomena (“Solar Array”), and camping (“Triple Letter Score”). There are a series of tributes to Jimmie’s friends and inspirations: The Constantines are saluted in “Constantine Believer,” Attack In Black in “Love Letter,” and the legendary Eric’s Trip in “Song For Julie, Chris, Rick + Mark.” Jimmie’s current life as an art school student also gets due airtime: “I’m losing sleep over Georgia O’Keefe” he sings in “Georgia OK.” And as the batteries run down on the nostalgic and entirely wonderful “Walkman Battery Bleed,” you’ll be looking to flip back to the A-Side and play it all over again. Field of Trampolines joins an impressive discography: five full-length albums since 2007 (including the Polaris Prize-nominated Transistor Sister), and split releases with Joel Plaskett, Ladyhawk, and Attack In Black. In 2012, Jimmie appeared on John K. Samson’s Provincial (Epitaph/ANTI) and toured across North America and Europe as Samson’s lead guitarist and opening act. Performing with unstoppable charm, hooks, and positivity, Jimmie continues his never-ending tour this summer.

Adventure Team (Situationist Pop, Berlin)

Adventure Team are a situationist pop group that was founded in Berlin in the summer of 2015.

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Do 25.08.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: CINEMA CINEMA (Experi-Metal Punks, Brooklyn) + DISMEMBERS (Raw Rockin Black Punk Duo, Berlin)

cinema cinemadoors 19:00 - show 20:00

"Since 2008, experi-metal punks Cinema Cinema have jacked up the amps to ear-bleeding-loud levels, destroying DIY dives across the boroughs and beyond with their distorto-drenched post-grunge and damaged-funk assault. Born and raised here in NYC, six-string-slinging beardo Ev Gold and his drummer cuz Paul Claro are Brooklyn diehards to the core, bred on both the seminal punk of SST Records (they've toured with the recently reincarnated Black Flag) and D.C. hardcore (their 2012 epic Manic Children and the Slow Aggression was recorded by Don Zientara, whose prior production credits include Minor Threat and Fugazi). Besides covering the holier-than-thou Nirvana and PJ Harvey, CC's most recent shredder, A Night at the Fights, is an effects-pedal-stomping and time-signature-frenzied anthemic beast, captured in Gowanus at the legendary studio of Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth). Cinema Cinema...burn your earplugs off with their hefty noise attack and dizzying complexities.” (VILLAGE  VOICE)

Fr 26.08.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Screw The Carpet (No-Jazz/Bln) + Neusprech (Rock/Bln)

ab 22.00 Uhr Dj Halb und Halb (Rock/Indie/Rocksteady/Bluebeat/Uptown-Soul/Punk)
Screw the Carpet, a power rock trio from Berlin. Vox, Drums, Guitar, Bass and lots of energy. Their combination of raging riffs and ramping rythm will tear any place apart. Their music is a hooking mix of the 70’s hard rock, flavoured with straight modern stoner rock. Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll all over, but don’t take it too seriously! An avalanche of distortion and fun blasting down from the stage.
If you like raw handmade music, you will love Screw The Carpet!

Sa 27.08.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Not like everybody else presents: Rhythm & Beat Organization (60´s Vox Beat Fuzz Farfisa Sound)

DJ Suzy Creamcheese with special guest Mr. Garage Records
Rhythm & Beat Organization - Durch ihre große Auswahl an Instrumenten (Hammond-, Farfisa-, Vox-ORGELN, Bläsersätze, Querflöten, Sitar, Fuzzgitarren, Percussions etc.), Titeln und Stilrichtungen wird ein extrem abwechslungsreiches Programm geboten und Größen wie Big Jay McNEELY, Guitar CRUSHER, Werner KRABBE von den BOOTS, Michael HAUKE von den HOUND DOGS, Valerio Capolari optimal begleitet. Nicht zu vergessen, die eigenen großartigen Sänger wie Mister Tom, Lady Swan, Nik Terror, Sister JACK, Monsieur OLIVIER, ABRAHAM, Yann de Paris, NADIVA , Psyched Alex und viele mehr.

Mo 29.08.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: GULFER (Math-Rock/Emo-Punk, Montreal, Canada) + ALASKA (Emo/Math-Rock, Nevada, US)

doors 19:00 - show 20:00 - danach "Schokokuss" (Queer/Punk-Party)
GULFER is a math-rock/emo/punk band from Montreal, Canada. Since forming in December of 2011, they have released splits with bands like Fago.Sepia, Lions and Kit Fisto, and have toured Canada, the US and Europe with bands like Sport, Tiny Moving Parts, I Kill Giants, Giraffes? Giraffes! and Vasudeva.

Di 30.08.2016
20.30 Uhr
Lesung   LSD - Liebe Statt Drogen

Anschliessend: LAUT UND BILLIG - Der Wilde Gitarren Tresen
Micha, Volker, Uli, Tube, Spider, Ivo und Sascha präsentieren Geschichten, Lieder und Gäste.

So 04.09.2016
20.30 Uhr
Party   Karaoke Nacht mit Kj DER KÄPT’N

... und den Schokis
KJ Der Käpt'n kommt mit einem fetten Angebot aus allen Bereichen. Diese Party hat inzwischen Kultcharakter und ist zum Kreischen lustig... Klickt den Link für seine Songliste…

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