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Mo 21.04.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: It's Everyone Else (noisy Post-industrial Screamo-Synthrock, Slowenien) + RobotroN (Elektro-Punk, Berlin/Hamburg)
doors 19:00 - start 20:00 - danach "Schokokuss" - die queere Punk-Elektro-Nacht.
IT’S EVERYONE ELSE - noisy Post-industrial Screamo-Synthrock, Slowenien.
It’s everyone else will shatter your preconceptions about electronic music. They combine distorted synths, glitchy samples and two merciless vocals to create an eclectic mix of industrial, hardcore, rock, noise and pop. They are known for their wild live performances, which will leave you feeling violated in the most pleasurable way. It’s everyone else’s music comes directly from their guts, without any regard for rules or expectations. They try to bring their emotions out with as little adjustment as possible. After releasing their debut album Is it me? In 2012, which received many favourable reviews, they went roaming all over Central Europe and the Balkans until in 2013, they found their home at Noise appeal records.

ROBOTRON klingt, als würde mensch Platten von Devo und ZK gleichzeitig auf 45 hören:
Petro-Chemie-Unfälle, ABC-Alarm, Gamma-Punk, Noise, Post-HC, Fahrradballett unter Belastung, oder Goldene Zitronen für Gehörlose.
Do 01.05.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Valina (MathRock//AT) + Amigo Tropical (2headed NoiseRock//Bln)
Immerhin sechs Jahre ließen VALINA aus Linz auf ein neues Album warten. Jetzt ist es erschienen. Wiedermal ive produziert von Steve Albini, ohne Overdubs und Technik-Overkill. Dafür Spielfreude, Experiment und spektakulär. Denkt an Hardcore, Pop, Jazz, Kraut. Unwound. At the Drive-In. Chicago...
Support kommt von den dem lokalen Noise-Schnurrbart-Zweiköpfer AMIGO TROPICAL.
Fr 02.05.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Gewalt Disney, thirsty & miserable and Little League Shows present: TOYS THAT KILL (Melodic Punk/US, Recess Records) + HUMAN ABFALL (Noise-Punk/Stuttgart, Sounds Of Subterrania)
toys that killdoors 19:00 - start 20:00
TOYS THAT KILL (San Pedro/USA, Recess Records)
"Toys That Kill have pop songs but pop songs broken at the edges, rock ‘n’ roll songs but rock ‘n’ roll songs with all the pose and pretension dissolved away, punk songs but punk songs that weren’t ever gonna burn out and crumble away. And so Toys That Kill revealed themselves as a band that could translate Thin Lizzy and the Buzzcocks, Cheap Trick and the Descendents, the Replacements and the Who and Elvis Costello and the Ramones all down to the same simple things—energy, guitar and heart."

+ HUMAN ABFALL (Stuttgart/D, Sounds Of Subterrania)
"Da passt ja wohl gar nichts zusammen. Texte auf dem kreativen Niveau eines Till Lindemann. Wer hat bitteschön die Texte geschrieben? Der Scrabble-Kurs im Kindergarten? Eine Trantüte am Gesang, das Schlagzeug so einschläfernd wie ne Todesspritze, und dann dieses Gitarrenpieken, was soll das sein? Bisschen Strandmucke, mal schön in die Karibik? Dann fahrt doch dahin, aber kommt nicht wieder! Neue deutsche Welle war schon der letzte Mief als es “neu” war, und wenn da eine Welle war dann ist sie lange verebbt, aber ihr kleinen pseudocoolen Kunststudenten glaubt wohl, ihr wärt der heiße Scheiß. Selbst für Kunst ist das noch zu langweilig! Ich kann mir vier Stunden lang die Pflastersteine vorm Louvre anschauen und hab dabei mehr Spaß als beim Hören dieser vertonten Langeweile."
Sa 03.05.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty&miserable + potsdamned: COMPLETE CRAP (punk) + LAU (punk) + BALOTELLIS (punk)
hipsterpunks aufgepasst!!! denn heute mischt eine punkerinvasion aus dem schmuddligen potsdam das bio-gemütliche berlin-mitte auf. die haare standesgemäß mit bier gewaschen.
Mo 12.05.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: TIM KASHER (of Cursive / The Good Life) + AL BURIAN (of Big Eater / Milemarker)
tim kasherdoors 19:00 - start 20:00
al burian thirsty & miserable presents:
TIM KASHER (of Cursive / The Good Life)
AL BURIAN (of Big Eater / Milemarker)
danach "Schokokuss" - die queere Punk-Elektro-Nacht.

Whereas The Game Of Monogamy was an orchestral album filled with theatrical arrangements, Adult Film favors less ornate, equally impactful instrumentation across its 10 affecting tracks. The album is filled with variations of Kasher’s signature blend of ruminative rock/pop, ranging from raucous and barreling (“American Lit,” “Truly Freaking Out”) to uneasy and undulating (“Where’s Your Heart Lie,” the dreamy “Lay Down Your Weapons”), from deceptively bright and poppy (“The Willing Cuckold,” “A Raincloud is a Raincloud”) to tempered and cascading (“You Scare Me To Death,” “A Lullaby, sort of”). Lyrically, Kasher is at his incisive best, thematically elastic and touching on aging (self-reflection and taking stock), mortality (one’s own and others’), and relationships of all kinds.

is joined on Adult Film by Sara Bertuldo (bass, vocals), Patrick Newbery (organ, keys, synths, horns), and Dylan Ryan (drums) – who backed him while touring around The Game Of Monogamy – as well as additional artists including Nate Kinsella (drums; of Make Believe and Birthmark) and Laura Stevenson (vocals; of Laura Stevenson and the Cans), among others. The album was mixed by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Wye Oak, Explosions In The Sky) at Elmwood Recording in Dallas, TX.

Al Burian, Musiker bei Milemarker, Challenger, Auxes und Big Eater, Soloartist, Kolumnist beim HeartAttack, Vice Magazine und Punk Planet, wahnwitziger Verfasser und Herausgeber von Burn Collector.

A rare solo music performance from Al Burian, singer of Big Eater and founding member of the bands Milemarker and Challenger. Often described as the “enfant terrible of the North American punk scene,” Burian has been provoking and entertaining audiences for over twenty years with his unique and iconoclastic take on punk rock.
Mo 19.05.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Aliment (Noisy Garage-Pop/Punk, Girona, Espania) + The Mokkers (Garage-Beat/Rock n Roll, Berlin)
Alimentdoore 19:00 - start 20:00 - danach "Schokokuss" - die queere Punk-Elektro-Nacht.
the mokkersAliment (Noisy Garage-Pop/Punk, Girona, Espania)
The Mokkers
- An all-girl band that will make you feel good til you smile and dance to a groovy blend of pop-infused surf rock sound, dusted with a little garage dirt and spiced up with a rockabilly twist.
Fr 30.05.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: SVIN (Instrumental Jazz/Noise, DK) + Mosca Violenta (Instrumental Jazz/Noise, Fra)
Svindoors 19:00 - start 20:00
Mosca Violenta The everyman avantgardists in SVIN make up an unrestricted unit on a mission to create a greater genre diversity in a world where the music industry's cash register sets the agenda.
 Since starting in 2008 and releasing their debut “Heimat” in 2011 and the follow up “Secretly We Are Gay” in 2013, SVIN has made a positive impression on the Danish and international music scene.
Recent years have included several tours of Germany, Poland and Czech Republic and gigs in several trendsetting music venues and festivals.
SVIN is an unorthodox approach to instrumental music in 2014.
They combine Sonic Youth's repressed aggression  and madness with Arvo Parts's fragile melodic vein and culminate in an energetic, extrovert African drum fest. In december SVIN recorded their third album with Jens Benz (Ice Age, Thulebasen etc.) which will be ready for the tour.

Mosca Violenta has been touring with their heavy power trio for 15 years now all over europe. You will feel the ground beneath as it roars from the bass and drums that comes at you with heavy riffs, while the saxophone stabs you and rips your ears out.
These three guys from Caen gives you punk-rock like you never would imagine and takes no
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