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Fr 15.08.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Eddie Argos & The Lo-Fi Punk Rock Motherfuckers (LoFiPunkRock//UK&Bln)
Spoiler alert: Eddie Argos is the singer of a band called Art Brut. Eddie Argos is often being ironic.

Official information: Eddie Argos and The Lo-Fi Punk Rock Mother Fuckers are a bunch of Mother Fuckers that live in Berlin. They are exactly like a motorcycle gang with the sole exception being that they don’t ride motorbikes. They play instruments and fuck shit up. They have already started drinking in preparation. Watch the fuck out.
Fr 22.08.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Mincer Ray (IndieLoFiCountry/Bln) + BraBraBra (PopExoticMinimalistic/Bln)
Record Release
Mincer Ray: So two Americans realized how boring their lives were so they quit their jobs & flew to Berlin two weeks later. They met a Brazilian who liked Pavement way too much. 3 people = band.
After stealing ideas from Neil Young, Fugazi, & GbV, the three decided each person should sing their own tunes, rotating instruments every song. Oh, & then a beautiful Swedish man joined the band.
BraBraBra is a newborn band. we write nice songs, drink tea, eat biscuits wear glasses and brabrabra…
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