Sa 11.06.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Blueblut (Noisy Jazz n Abstract Pop, Wien) + Honsinger / Borghini / Fischerlehner (Free Jazz-Weltpremiere)

blueblutdoors 19:00 - show 20:00
Blueblut are back with their new album,‘Butt Butt’. Anyone familiar with their first album ‘Hurts So Gut’ will recognise the thrashing grooves, whirling improvs and electronic explorations, but ‘Butt Butt’ has so much more, from cowboy hoe-downs, to prog rock, and even to German grime, this band knows no boundaries and continues to create a truly twenty first century music.

Emerging from Vienna’s thriving underground music scene, Blueblut is arguably one of its most intriguing combos. The trio, founded by three musical powerhouses, famous in their respective spheres of jazz, electronic and avant-rock music, have the intensity of rock, the space and openness of electronica and the razor sharp precision and wild improvisation of jazz.

In Blueblut’s now three year history they have wowed audiences across Europe on their relentless touring, being described as “…the most effective wake-up call you could ever experience” by taste-maker blog Louder Than War and even picking up some praise across the pond with the Brooklyn Rail(U.S.) declaring “Most of these tunes come across like highly abstracted, well-executed cover versions of pop songs that never were.”. 'Hurts So Gut’ also receieved a Japanese Release by Disk Union, which lead them to tour Japan, wowing audiences across the country.

2016 promises more of the same. There are already festival bookings across Europe in the summer, German and UK tours in the works, and plans for an album launch in New York, followed by an east coast USA tour in September. Blueblut is not a band to stand still.

About the individuals in Blueblut:
Pamelia Stickney is probably the most recognisable player of the theremin in the world today, being key in the instrument’s development she is the number one go-to theremin player. Alongside her own compositions and releases she has performed with the likes of John Zorn and David Byrne. Mark Holub is best known as the animated Anglo-American drummer and bandleader of London based and Mercury Prize nominated jazz-rock outfit Led Bib. Holub recently decamped from London to set up home in Vienna. Flying machine maker, sound engineer, guitarist and automata creator Chris Janka is a kind of Viennese Caractacus Potts figure with a basement studio to rival Peter Blake’s. He also recorded, engineered and mastered the record.

Tristan Honsinger - cello
Antonio Borghini - kontrabass
Rudi Fischerlehner - drums

Mit Tristan Honngesir (cello), Antonio Borghini (bass) und Rudi Fischerlehner (drums) treffen sich drei improvisierende Freigeister aus Amerika, Italien und Österreich, alle mit Wohnsitz in Berlin. Honsingers Karriere erstreckt sich geografisch über den gesamten Globus, zeitlich über vier Jahrzehnte und stilistisch über Zusammenarbeiten von Cecil Taylor und Derek Bailey bis hin zu The Ex. Borghini ist einer der aktivsten Kontrabassisten der kreativen Berliner Szene, wo er nach Rom und Bologna gelandet ist, und spielt mit Edoardo Marraffa, Cristina Vetrone, Olaf Rupp und vielen anderen. Fischerlehner ist unter anderem der Trommler von La Tourette mit Tonia Reeh, Xenofox mit Olaf Rupp und Gorilla Mask. Welturaufführung im Schokoladen!

Mo 13.06.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   little league shows, la moustache + thirsty & miserable presents: DECIBELLES (Post-Punk/Noise Pop, Lyon) + THE AUDACITY (Garage Punk, US)

doors 19:00 - show 20:00 - danach DJ Alex Plush Anders (Punk/Glam/Wave)
"Decibelles is a three-piece indie punk band from Lyon, FRANCE. Influenced by post punk, new wave, noise rock and power pop. Singer and guitarist Sabrina Duval, singer and drummer Fanny Bouland, and bassist Emilie D'Ornano formed the band in 2004 as they were in highschool. Their first EPs was released by Hviv Records (Grenoble, FR) in 2007. In 2009, indepedant label April77Record contacted them to release a 7' record, in true indie punk fashion. Another EP followed the same year, Bloody Bloody Whiffy Scuzzy, accompagnied by a DIY music-video. It was the year of their first European tour with the band Einzweidreivier. In 2011 the band issued their first album, Pedro Joko independantly, without label, which was noticed by the indie punk circle. Ensue a year of shows and touring.In april 2013, they released a new song « Clouds », which earned them an article in Les Inrocks. This was followed by a split LP with the band EinzWeiDreiVier. The three girls shared the stage with bands such as The Death Set, Bo Ningen, Screaming Females, Motorama, The Men, Fidlar and Schellac, which choosed itself the band to open for their only show in France in 2014. Their new LP "Sleep Sleep" is released on September 2015 by Hviv Records, Teenage Hate Records and Electric Men Records."

"Audacity have been together since they were all kids—really, since an elementary school talent show in 2002—so there’s no question they’ve had time to experiment and grow into a sound that’s rightfully theirs. The southern California four-piece has been churning out garage punk in varying intensities—sometimes mellow, often much more ripping—with three full-lengths and numerous EPs to show for it. Fortunately, Audacity don’t seem to be the least bit interested in slowing down or sprucing up. If anything, their fourth album Hyper Vessels hits harder and meaner than any of their previous releases. Yeah, maybe the gear involved in making the record sounds a little better, but every drum hit, every guitar strum, and every tuneful shout sounds like there’s more heft behind it. Sharpened brains and sheer brawn compensate for whatever grit might have been compromised by a better recording budget and a little more musical acumen. “Our first two albums were made during our ‘young band’ phase,” says guitarist/vocalist Kyle Gibson. “Being a band of teenagers was our identity. Butter Knife and Hyper Vessels were our process of finding who we are now as a band of young adults.” While becoming an adult might mean having a more sophisticated worldview or more artistic discipline, it hasn’t tempered Audacity’s frenzied mishmash of garage rock, power pop, and proto-punk. “I usually reject the narrative of ‘the album when they mature’, Gibson continues. “I think all our albums—and all my favorite albums and works of art in general—have been a mixture of high-brow intellectual moments and silliness.”

Fr 17.06.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Waves (Postrock, München) + Unknown Connection Failure (Postrock, Hamburg)

Wavesdoors 19:00 - show 20:00
Unknown Connection FailureWAVES ist eine Postrock-Band aus München. Mit einem Stil, der laute, beklemmend wie befreiend wirkende Teile mit leisen, zerbrechlichen Melodien und Elementen vereint, haben Waves eine Sprache gefunden, ihrer musikalischen Leidenschaft Ausdruck zu verleihen. Eine Leidenschaft, welche sie auch schon im Vorprogramm von Szenegrößen wie Caspian oder Russian Circles zeigen konnten.

UNKNOWN CONNECTION FAILURE ist eine 6-köpfige Instrumental-Band aus Hamburg. Sie erschaffen Postrock von gewaltigen Ausmaßen – jenseits aller Rock-Klischees. Ihre dynamischen Songs entfesseln sich von konventionellen Song-Strukturen und entfalten sich Stück für Stück zu aufwühlenden Kunstwerken von epischen Tiefe. Als Konzertbesucher fühlt man sich wie ins Herz dieser cineastisch anmutenden Sound-Landschaften gesogen und findet sich zwischen überraschenden Wendungen und komplexen Details wieder. Ein monumentales Schauspiel aus brausenden Verstärkern, zarten Streichern, schwebenden Gitarrenharmonien und einer hypnotischen Rhythmusgruppe.

Sa 18.06.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Familea Miranda (Exp. Noise-Rock, Chi/Esp) + Motte (Ex-Screamo mit Blue Notes, Bln)

Familea Mirandadoors 19:00 - show 20:00
Familea Miranda started in Chile (in 1999 they rose from the ashes of bands like Supersordo, Políticos Muertos or Insurgentes), inspired ethically and aesthetically by the bands mentioned before. A few years later, in 2007, they moved to Barcelona, until today. The trio’s biography is one that causes admiration and respect: over six studio records, tours around Europe and South America, they have performed with bands like Man… or Astroman? No Means No, Sabot, The Ex… Familea Miranda has passion, but they also work a lot (like with Betunizer or Za!)

Their new LP, “Radiopharm” has been recorded and mixed by the bass guitarist of the band, Milo Gomberoff, at the LPM Studios in Barcelona and mastered by Norman Nitzsche at Calyx Mastering in Berlin. It’s the first album the band has recorded with their new drummer –the Catalan Alex Farré (ex member of the very missed Parmesano) It’s no surprise that “Radiopharm” confirms what we already knew, they still have that post-hardcore beat, driven by lyrics that are not shy of social and emotional compromise.

Was passiert, wenn man mit Hardcore sozialisiert ist, aber dann viel Jazz hört, und sowieso nur das macht worauf man Lust hat? Frickeliges Zeug, das auch mal lauter wird, oder sowas. Die Band hat offiziell noch keine Aufnahmen verfügbar gemacht, wir durften aber schon in die Demos reinhören. Vertraut uns, das lohnt sich...

Do 23.06.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Big Eater (Freak Funk Gospel, Berlin)

big eaterdoors 19:00 - show 20:00
Big Eater sind eine bunt zusammengewürfelte Truppe mit Punkrock-Hintergrund, die das vielgehasste Wort “Groove” für sich entdeckt haben, und rauhen, aber nicht rumpligen Funk-Punk mit schweißigem MC5-Feeling zelebrieren. Eher eine Zeremonie denn ein Punkkonzert, eher Bein statt Oberarm, eher sehr gut denn gut.“

Do 30.06.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: SENECA (postrock, bln) + DWARPHS (mathrock,bln)

SENECA (post-rock between outer space and deep water graves, bln)
DWARPHS (2headed mathrock, bln)

Do 04.08.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Sleep Routine (BikerEmo/bln) + Boneflower (PostHC/esp) + Descubriendo a Mr Mime (Screamo/esp)
Do 11.08.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Black Fawn (psych-noise-pop, bln) + Astral Tide (shoegaze-post-punk, bln)

BlackFawn are a Berlin based psych-noise-pop duo from Malta formed in 2015 by Daniel and Alexandra. BlackFawn blend carefully crafted melodies with drones and minimal electronic production. BlackFawn echo elements from Cocteau Twins, Tropic of Cancer, Chelsea Wolfe, Silver Apples, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Neu! and Suicide.
Astral Tide: A new East Berlin based 4-piece with members from Denmark, Italy and England playing their own strain of conscious dream punk and brutal doomy shoegaze.

Sa 29.10.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Kitshickers (noiserock/lux) + The Majestic Unicorns from Hell (postmetal/lux)
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