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Do 18.09.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Canadian Rifle (DIY-Punk, Chicago) + The Sky We Scrape (HC-Punk, Chicago) + Rickolus (Circle Into Square, Florida)
doors 19:00 - start 19:30
Canadian Rifle is a three membered punk/rock outfit from Chicago, Illinois. They have been recording and touring constantly since their conception in 2007 – continuously covering the United States and Canada, along with a sole European tour in 2009 in support of their first LP, Visibility Zero(Residue Records).

Canadian Rifle plays melodic punk music and have been compared to bands such as Leatherface, Jawbreaker, Husker Du, Hickey, and Wipers. However, they infuse their own unique Midwestern sound into this realm of music. The lyrical content is bleak and abstract, but relatable – dealing with social interaction, removing yourself from reality, struggling with truths and regret, and pushing forward while running on fumes.

The Chicago outfit The Sky We Scrape plays a hybrid style of hardcore and heavy punk rock. The band’s raw emotion is offset by interesting song structures and instrumentation; all churning, pounding, pulverizing guitars interspersed with moments of musical tenderness. TSWS display inventive songwriting and pay real attention to the soundscapes they create, pounding out 3 minute heavy novellas on the concrete walls of blue collar Chicago.

Delivering an abrasive, yet anthemic mix of post-hardcore, Chicago quartet The Sky We Scrape have been amongst the city’s busiest bands as of late. the band is looking to capitalize on the buzz garnered from recent split releases with fellow Windy City rockers Hawkbit and Southern California’s Common War (members of Death By Stereo).

With “DIVIDES”, TSWS are expecting to hit the next level with the killer songs and enormous amount of goodwill they’ve built up in Chicago, night in and night out.
Fr 19.09.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Dysnea Boys (80sSkatePunk/Bln) + Twitchblades (Punk/Bln)
Dysnea Boys, of Berlin Germany, are an homage to 1980’s skate and punk culture.

Lead singer Jason Honea from the San Francisco Bay Area was the former front man of California skate rock legends, Social Unrest. His unique vocal style is instantly recognizable and makes the Dysnea Boys sound true to their musical roots. Bass player C.C. Voltage (formerly of the Spitfires/Loyalties) and Chris Frey (formerly of Radio Berlin/Book of Lists/Sludge) are both former Vancouverites who met in Berlin to collaborate on a new project with Honea. Drummer Tom Fanore (formerly of southern Germany’s punk band Sorry My Sox), rounds out the line-up.
Mo 22.09.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: OPILIONES (Post-Punk Deluxe, Aschau) + support
doors 19:00 - start 20:00 - danach "Schokokuss": Die queere Punk-Elektro-Nacht
"Na also, es geht ja doch, dachte ich beim ersten Hören dieser Debüt-Scheibe der Aschauer Band OPILIONES. Handgemachte, sehr gut gespielte, und sogar durchkomponierte Songs. Da muss man sonst schon über den Kanal oder den großen Teich fahren, wenn man sowas hören will. Mit beiden Gummistiefeln tief in dem Sud der 90iger Jahre, schaffen es die Jungs trotzdem, sich souverän am eigenen Schopf aus diesem Sumpf zu ziehen. Respekt. In den besten Momenten spürt man deutlich die Bierseligkeit solcher Koryphäen wie Guided by Voices oder eines David Bermann. Auch ein leichter San Diego Gestank ist ab und an bemerkbar. Mal lakonisch, aber fast immer melancholisch, macht sich hier die Überzeugung immer breiter, dass diese unsere Erde nicht die beste aller möglichen Welten sein kann. Und das der Kram dann tatsächlich noch rockt, ohne Stumpf zu sein, ohne Mut und Wut zu verlieren; ab und zu dann doch, dankeschön, mit einer subtilen Portion Humor bedacht, macht die ganze Sache noch viel, viel besser." Text: Guido Lucas

Das Debutalbum „The Heart Of A Harvestman“ erschien im April 2014.
Sa 11.10.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Hildegard von Binge Drinking (Knertz, Würzburg) + (the fabulous mechanical) DENTICLES (Knertz, Mainz)
doors 19:00 - start 20:00
Fuck you, this is not a Spaßband. Witz ist nicht gleich dödelige Albernheit - und Wortwitz nicht gleich trottelige Comedy. Hildegard von Binge Drinking ist das - formal zugegebenermaßen polarisierende - musikalische Vehikel von zwei Leuten, die sich vorherig/nebenher unter anderem schon im Post-Punk-Spektakel Shokei austobten.

Auch hier täuscht die vorgegaukelte Ironie des Namens und der Kostüme über den Ernst der Sache hinweg, denn dieses Vehikel ist beileibe kein schnapsklebriger Karnevalszug. HvBD ist ein mit Chlorix betankter Wasserwerfer gegen die Durchschnittlichkeit, gegen Muckerpose, gegen Banalität und gegen die generell gegenwärtige Alltagsscheiße. HvBD sind ein Statement: zu brechen mit der Routine, mit Hierarchien, mit anbiedernder Ästhetik - im Großen wie im Kleinen.

Das Erleichternde: Es funktioniert ganz ohne Polit-Punk-Gerumpel, sondern in Form einer Melange aus pumpendem Old-School-Hip-Hop (im besten Sinne von Run DMC et al.), wabernd-drückendem Synth-Krautrock à la Trans Am und dem bewährten Post-Punk-Fahrgestell der bandeigenen Sozialisation. Spätestens ein Blick auf das Gesungene offenbart: HvBD sind eine erschreckend persönliche, ziemlich wütende Band, die ihr bestes tut, die eindringliche Ernsthaftigkeit mit ästhetischen Mitteln zu kompensieren, um nicht in Zynismus abzusaufen.

DENTICLES (formerly Oskar Ohlson Band - Knertz, Mainz)
Mi 22.10.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Soda Fabric (Surf/PostPunk//Bln) + Peach Peach (Lofi/Indi//Bln)
Soda Fabric

Peach Peach

Fr 24.10.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: JAIL WEDDINGS (L.A.s Bombastic Rock n Soul Big Band) + Charlie Megira & The Bet She’an Valley Hillbillies (Rockabily/Surf, Tel Aviv/Berlin)
doors 19:00 - start 20:00
If they aren’t L.A.’s biggest band, Jail Weddings definitely have L.A.’s biggest sound — an eight-person-deep rock ‘n’ soul revue that feels like the Pogues as produced by Phil SpectorNick Cave fronting The Shangri-Las, or a soundtrack to a Hollywood-gone-Babylon left unloved and unexplored since the last notes of classic L.A. noir/lore: power-pop, early punk, West Coast psych, etc.

Their latest LP, Meltdown: A Declaration Of Unpopular Emotion (Neurotic Yell/Burger Records) is a roguish journey into the “dissection of the personal Apocalypse” – a teetering over-the-top rock ’n’ roll catharsis that the L.A. Weekly named “The #1 Album of 2013” (beating out Kanye West and Haim).

While bookended by two femme fatale back-up singers, in the front/back of this unholy Wrecking Crew is main mutant crooner/songwriter Gabriel Hart and drummer Dave Clifford, both longtime collaborators formerly of sordid noir punks The Starvations (GSL). Dave’s musical chair covers even further ground to pioneering post-hardcore act The VSS (GSL), Pleasure Forever (Sub Pop), and the cinematic instrumental doomsayers Red Sparowes (Neurot Recordings, Sargent House).

Charlie Megira, the dream from Tel-Aviv with a face like Vincent Price and a style like Bloodshot Bill and Dirty Beaches taking on The Everly Brothers, The guitar virtuoso is a force of nature manifest as a Hasil Adkins meets John Waters greaser with influences from the first wave of rock n’ roll, outsider jazz, R&B and the 80’s underground, all careening down the highway at a hundred and twenty miles an hour. MUSIC Like some bastard love child of Link Wray and Johnny Thunders, Berlin-by-way-of-Israel rock 'n' roller Charlie Megira has mastered the art of blending 1950s-style rock guitar and spooky, blood-curdling howls.
Mo 27.10.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Shit And Shine (weirdo dance rhythm noise, UK) + Wels (2headed Noiserock, Berlin)
doors 19:00 - start 20:00 - danach Schokokuss
Shit And Shine may be best known for noisy, post-industrial rock but guided by the curatorial hand of Diagonal Records owner Powell, Craig Clouse proves that he can do dance music that's just as tough. The same rich vein of funk that gives Powell's releases their sensuous throb courses through Shit And Shine's self-titled debut for Diagonal. It's present in the relentless bassline of "Blowhannon"; it's in the syncopated backbone of "Value"; and it simmers under a cluster of textured rhythms on "Shower Curtain."

The signature tangles of noise are as present as ever, but they're more restrained than on previous Shit And Shine records. "Blowhannon"'s snatches of vocal and piano, sustained high tones and light-touch distortion make for something throbbing rather than explosive, while "Value"'s drum-machine thumps and wiry synths are reined in by the inexorable groove. "Shower Curtain" is the highlight, a scuffed, post-punky track with a lumbering drum-led groove and compacted vocal samples. Its synths sound charred and the drums are brittle, but it's all anchored by a meaty bassline. "Dixie Peach" is the biggest curveball, channeling strands of house, noise and post-punk into something both alien and utterly compelling.
Fr 31.10.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: The History Of Colour TV (shoegaze/bln) + Unshaped Ahead (loop electronic/gr)

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