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Do 05.02.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Bathtub Theory (all female jangle pop//bln) + Gurr (garage punk girls // bln)
Gurr is a three-piece garagepunk band from Berlin that sounds like a trashy 60s girl group meshed with poppy vocals in two voices and a flavor of eeriness dug out from the deep darkness that is the Berlin rocknroll bar's restroom at 5 am.

Bathtub Theory: 3 girls with guitar, bass and drums playing jingle-jangle-guitar-pop with the sweetest melodies beyond Glasgow.
Sa 07.02.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: SHOKEI (Post-HC, Bad Bocklet) + PRETTY HURTS (Punk, Berlin)
shokeidoors 19:00 - start 20:00
pretty hurts Um's mit Andrea Bocelli zu sagen: Time to say goodbye. Um's mit Stephan Remmler zu sagen: Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei. Oder, um's einfach so zu sagen: SHOKEI hören auf. Nach 13 Jahren, 6 Platten (darunter übrigens kein einziges Album) und dann 200 Konzerten ist im Frühjahr 2015 Schluss, Aus, Finito. Vorher gibt's (remember Andrea Bocelli) noch ein paar Shows – zum Goodbye sagen. Und dort gibt's: Post-Hardcore mit zweimal Schlagzeug, viermal Gesang und deutlichem D.C.-Einschlag. Apropos Washington: „So eine Art Fugazi mit Düsenantrieb“, hat ein Zine einmal über Shokei geschrieben. Stimmt natürlich nicht so ganz, zeigt aber zumindest, in welche Richtung die Reise geht. Und apropos Reise: Es wird die letzte sein, also alles nochmal zusteigen.

PRETTY HURTS ist eine Punkband aus Berlin. Gegründet Anfang 2014. Referenzbands sind Die!Die!Die!, Kurt und Rites of Spring. Aber auch düstereres wie die Nähnadel-Hihat von Stephan Mahler alleine in der Grufti-Disco. Es geht um Spinnenalbträume, Twen-Angst, Ambitionen und krude intellektuelle Vorreiter...
Ex- Vom Segeln/Single State of Man falls das von Interesse ist.
Do 12.02.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: RONIN (Spaghetti Western meets Post Rock meets Surf, Italy) + Cristian Naldi (Italy)
ronindoors 19:00 - start 20:00
In 1999 Bruno Dorella was the drummer of Wolfango, when he decided to form a new band combining Morricone's western music, guitar isolationism and a certain Mediterranean and Balcan folk music. It took a while to find the right musicians, because of his punk background, but in 2003 their first self-titled EP was released.This EP became the original soundtrack of the short movie “Rocca Petrosa” by Cosimo Terlizzi.

Since the beginning, the band has performed a lot both in Italy and abroad. In 2004 they signed for Ghost records and released their first full length. The song “I Am Just Like You” was included in the original soundtrack of the movie “Tu Devi Essere Il Lupo” by Vittorio Moroni and in the final credits of the movie “Polvere” by Danilo Proietti and Massimiliano D’Epiro.

The second album “Lemming” was released by Ghost records in 2007 and it was record of the month for the italian music magazines “Rumore” and “Blow Up”. Some tracks from this album were synchronized in the documentary “Vogliamo Anche Le Rose” by Alina Marazzi, for which Ronin composed the original score as well.

The third album “L’Ultimo Re” was released in 2009, still on Ghost. The band toured extensively both in Italy and abroad.

The fourth album “Fenice” was released in 2012, this time by Santeria Records, and it was followed by a long European tour. Again, it was record of the month for Blow Up magazine.

In 2013 they have released the single “Twin Peaks” in which they play two of the famous tv series themes.

After the live soundtrack for Kim Ki-Duk’s “The Isle”, commissioned by Mosaico Film Festival in Ravenna, in early 2014 they released another original movie soundtrack for “Il Terzo Tempo” by Enrico Maria Artale, the final credits tune for the movie “Tutto Parla Di Te” by Alina Marazzi and the ones for the movie “Match” by Stephen Belber.

The new album “Adagio Furioso” came out on November 11th 2014, still on Santeria Records, and it features a new line up with Bruno Dorella (guitar), Cristian Naldi (guitar), Diego Pasini (bass) and Matteo Sideri (drums).
Sa 14.02.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Parmesano (Math-Rock, Barcelona) + mOck (Puzzle-Rock, Berlin)
parmesanodoors 19:00 - start 20:00
mOckParmesano don’t park very well. When they recorded their EP, the tow car took their car. Next time, they'd like to take the tow car with their car.
Alex Farré (Familea Miranda, Virus), Edu, Juanjo and Jordi (El Gos Binari) are always adding and subtracting coconuts so as it never balances, looking for inexact results. With an explosive mix of math-rock, punk and tropicalia (?), this band from Barcelona are able to shake Don Caballero's coffin while getting their knickers in a twist because Valina research into Faraquet, because ZA! jam with Don Vito or because Animal Collective learn to sing badly.
This will be their first concert in Berlin. If you come to see them, maybe they ask you if their car is still outside.

mOck from Berlin challenges us in all the best ways: the trio oscillates between scintillating outbursts and minimalistic reservation. Its unique and yet catchy sound feeds on sources such as post hardcore. Bands like Karate, Honey For Petzi, or Tortoise are important influences. Persisting melodies, rhythmic ruptures and free floating structures that are given to sudden changes combine to create an experience of Puzzle-Rock that lends itself to a very fine listening.
Mi 25.02.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Arctic Drilling (Experimental/Electronic/SpokenWords//Bln) + Ansgar Wilken (LoopExperimental/ex-Ilse Lau//Bln)
Arctic Drilling is StarLynn Jacobs and Javier Lozano, a spoken word duo. Jacobs is the voice for her self-written poems and Lozano creates and plays folk electronic music for them. The project is influenced by the poetry of Jim Morrison and Rumi among others, and musically by Dominique Petitgand, Hematic Sunsets and Laurie Anderson.
Ansgar Wilken plays his cello as if it was a guitar. He’s learned finger-picking at the age of 13 and has developed his significant style since then. This is Minimal, Blues, Ethno in a rigorous corset. Wilken is part of several bands and projects (Ilse Lau, Anton Tornister, Julijuni, Pneumo Twins). He runs the vinyl-only label Happy Zloty Records as well as Krankrosine Records, loved by Berlin electrokids.
Sa 11.04.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: C3I (Punk/HH) + support
C³I wurden 1986 gegründet und 1988 wieder aufgelöst. Es erschien das Album "Start" im Jahre 1988 bei Buback Records. Seit September 2012 spielt die Band wieder zusammen.
Uncool Sam: Gesang und Bass. Rudi Raschberger: Gitarre und Chor. Phill Hill: Schlagzeug.
Hamburger Punkrock-Legenden: Ex-Kotzbrocken, Torpedo Moskau, pre-Noise Annoys, 3000 Yen
Fr 17.04.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   ´thirsty & miserable: Balotellis (Punk//Potsdam) + Complete Crap (Punk//Potsdam) + Lau (Punk//Potsdam)
Fr 24.04.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: The Antikaroshi (FrickelPostPunk // Pdm) + Minerva (ProgArtRock // Pdm)
Minerva is a German progressive- artrock band, founded in Potsdam in December 2008 by Enrico Semler (vocals), Jan Waterstradt (guitar), Ron Hermann (bass), Martin Mann (drums). After playing various shows they released their first EP “Stories Of A Journeyman” in April 2010. The EP has a hard rock sound with elements of stoner, psychedelic and jazz. After Enrico overtook Ron’s Job as bass player, Minerva continued as a three piece rock formation completed with saxophone player Benjamin Ihnow in 2012.
With their Debut “Germinal” the band found their sound in something like Postrock straight from Canterbury. As catchy as melodic Guitar and Sax Duetts with rumbling proglike grooves from the rythm section. All that mashed up with psychedlic sonorties and vigerous Vocals in extended Songs with unpredictable structures without loosing theire clarity.
THE ANTIKAROSHI hat ihr Diplom in der PostCore- und DC-Schule gemacht und verfrickelt dazu Jazz, Electronica und PostRock.
Sa 25.04.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Kris Kelvin (Dramatic Post Rock // Berlin) + tba
Kris Kelvin: Eine Band, die beweist, dass Postrock auch kurz und eingängig sein kann. Geführt von Lenas hypnotischem Gesang, kochen sie fesselnde Monumentalwerke auf ein leicht bekömmliches Format herunter. Gleichzeitig entsteht eine Tiefgründigkeit und musikalische Weite, die die Band live durch eine atmosphärische Licht-Show noch verstärkt. Mit dieser Liebe zur Dramatik hat KRIS KELVIN mit dem Berliner Produzenten Tobias Siebert (Kettcar, Slut, Me and My Drummer) einen perfekten Wegbereiter für ihre Debüt-EP Forva gefunden.
Do 30.04.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Eddie Argos & The Lo-Fi Punk Rock Motherfuckers (LoFiPunkRock//UK&Bln) + tba
Spoiler alert: Eddie Argos is the singer of a band called Art Brut. Eddie Argos is often being ironic.Official information: Eddie Argos and The Lo-Fi Punk Rock Mother Fuckers are a bunch of Mother Fuckers that live in Berlin. They are exactly like a motorcycle gang with the sole exception being that they don’t ride motorbikes. They play instruments and fuck shit up. They have already started drinking in preparation. Watch the fuck out.
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