Mo 22.02.2016
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Musik   little league shows + thirsty & miserable present: SEX JAMS (noise pop/indie, at) + BETA CITY (indie rock, bln/isr)

danach SCHOKOKUSS DJ Alex Plush Anders (punk/glam/wave)

little league shows
 and thirsty & miserable present: SEX JAMS (noise pop/indie, at) + BETA CITY (indie rock, bln/isr). doors 7 pm, show 8 pm, aftershow djs 10 pm.

With their third album “Catch!”, Viennese Noise Poppers SEX JAMS have returned to the stage once more. Well, actually they were never gone. They just toured heavily on the back of their last album “Trouble, Honey” (released on Siluh and Noise Appeal in 2012), finally reaching American audiences as well. In 2014 they’ve released “Hits”, a Best-Of-Compilation on Brooklyn-based label Old Flame Records. After a four week tour along the East Coast the Jams had to shut the doors to the outside world again for three months to record “Catch!”. It is a return to the essentials of their work: raw, straight ahead into the chaos with a wild smile on their faces.
The plan was to make an album suited likewise for the stages and the record players of the world. “Catch!” was recorded live supervised by Ronny Dangl. Mixing was done by Wolfgang Möstl of Mile Me Deaf, while Patrick Pulsinger wrenched some of his mastering magic out of the board and compressors. The result is a record handmade for friends of guitar weirdness with pop appeal and a punk attitude. Screaming Females meet Kim Carnes at the bar, as PJ Harvey is listening to a Tom Tom Club song on her way to a Downtown Boys show. Probably listen for yourself. Artwork by Burnbjoern. No questions asked. /// ///

BETA CITY is the coming together of 4 Berlin based friends creating music in the contentiously vain and front of Dana Lahis, 29 year old Israeli singer song writer from Haifa, Israel. Dana had started her productive musical phase back in 2012. She put out her debut solo album 'Mine', mixed by John Angello (Headgear Recording Studio, audio engineer of SONIC YOUTH, DINOSAUR JR. JAWBOX.. the list goes on) produced with Yotam Ben Horin (USLESS I.D) and Yonatan Lev (STREET MUSIC STUDIO, THE OLIVER STONES). 2013-4 marks the time of Agent Heart, newer material of Dana that formed the band together with old friends from the Tel Aviv punk rock scene. in 2015 ties have formed in Berlin, Germany with old and new friends (UZBEKS, JULITH KRISHUN) to form BETA CITY, the Berlin based dirty indie rock that takes the listener to a shoegaze grungy masquerade . Beta City takes older songs, mixing it with new sounds embracing it with a new coat highly pushed by a lot of drive and punk rock.

Sa 19.03.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: NYOS (heavy Instru-Post-Rock, Finnland - Ex-Khuda) + The Antikaroshi (Math-Rock/Postpunk, Potsdam)

nyosdoors 19:00 - show 20:00
the antikaroshi

NYOS is a band from Jyväskylä, Finland formed in 2014.
Guitarist Tom Brooke moved to Finland from Leeds, UK in 2012, and soon met, and became friends with drummer Tuomas Kainulainen.
In Summer 2014 they got together to write some songs, and the result was NYOS.
Vltava, a 26 minute instrumental piece, is their first record, and was recorded in December 2014, it was released online in January 2015, ahead of their first gig, and a vinyl release is followed in December 2015 on German Prügelprinz Records. In 2015, their first year as a band, they played more than 25 shows and completed their first european tours, playing in 12 different countries, and in 2016, the band will work on their 2nd full length album, and continue to tour as much as possible...

Fr 25.03.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Exchampion (Drums n Electronic) + Zement (Kraut-Psychedelica, Würzburg)

doors 19:00 - show 20:00

Travelling with his Drums and a couple of Amplifiers , Exchampion is taking the Live Performance of electronic Music to a new level of energy and dynamics.
Following the path of Hudson Mohawke, Shigeto or Machinedrum Exchampion creates a vivid collage varying between ravey Jungle/Footwork, pompous Trap and eclectic Wonky Beats.
Apart from his touring and recording with quite different bands like Racquets, Beatbaum and the well known ambient/Neoclassic act Bersarin Quartett, Exchampion always had the habit to record drums and weird synthesizer lines on a tape recorder, primarly just to keep some of his ideas in mind.
After having released several Tapes in a DIY mode his debut Lp will be released in 2015 via M=Maximal/Kompakt.Fm)
During 2013/14 he excited most different audiences. From D´n´B/Dubstep/House Parties to Postrock/Psychedellic Shows or at least supporting New Zealands Dub-Pop Export Six60 on their 2014 Spring Tour.
Exchampion always leaves a euphoric crowd behind.

ZEMENT (Würzburg)


Bei diesem Duo geht es weniger um den anorganischen Baustoff gleichen Namens, als vielmehr um das organisch kontrolliert improvisierte (Ab-)Driften in jambasierter Form. Mehr um analog trifft digital als um Schüttgut. Weniger um Tiefbau als um Entschweben in höhere musikalische Sphären. Improvisiert, repetitiv und immer auf den Punkt. Krautig-psychedelische Sounds treffen auf Noise und Elektronisches. Mit dabei auf der Reise in den Orbit sind Schlagzeug, Gitarre, Synthesizer, Sampler und diverse andere Klangerzeuger. Kraut as Kraut can, tune in and drop out!

Sa 26.03.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Dan Webb And The Spiders (Indie-Rock/Garage-Punk, Boston) + Irish Handcuffs (Punkrock, Regensburg)

Dan Webb And The Spidersdoors 19:00 - show 20:00
Irish Handcuffs

IRISH HANDCUFFS aus Regensburg widmen sich seit Ende 2011 zwei Dingen: Melodischem Punkrock amerikanischer Prägung und der Vermeidung ernstzunehmender Jobs trotz eines Durchschnittsalters von 33,25 Jahren. Nach einer Ep, zwei Split-Singles und Konzerten mit Bands wie FACE TO FACE und TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET folgten 2014 neben gut 50 Konzerten mit u.a. BOYSETSFIRE oder NO WEATHER TALKS auch die Aufnahmen zum ersten Album „Hits Close To Home“, welches Ende des Jahres veröffentlicht wurde. 2015 folgten Supports für SWINGIN UTTERS und LAGWAGON, sowie Touren und Konzerte in neun verschiedenen Ländern, inkl. einer zweiwöchigen Tour in England und einer USA-Tour an der Ostküste und in Florida, um das alljährliche Punkrock-Klassentreffen THE FEST in Gainesville. Für 2016 steht Album Nummer zwei an, die erste Tour und diverse Weekender sind gebucht und der Plan ist so viel zu spielen, wie es eben für ein paar Ü30 Punks möglich ist, ohne unter die Armutsgrenze zu rutschen.

Sa 02.04.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   thirsty & miserable: Besides (Post-Rock, Poland) + Arbeitsgemeinschaft Form (JazzPop/Post-Rock, Berlin)

besidesdoors 19:00 - show 20:00
ag formBesides came into being In 2011 in Brzeszcze, Poland. In less than 3 years it became one of the most popular bands on polish post-rock scene. A quartet, playing an unpopular musical genre, won millions of polish people’s hearts during a TV talent show – Must Be The Music and won the main prize of its eight edition.

No one can make a great thing entirely alone. In view of the fact that something great usually consists of the many or only becomes real through the many. In this spirit the names plural – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Form means it: it is necessary to understand that a band always consists of many or several, that music - formally - consists of many things. So is „Lichtenberg“ - a kind of preliminary debut of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Form - an indicator to the many and according a peculiar disarrangement of changing and mutually influencing styles, musically somewhere between Jazz, Pop and Post-Rock.

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