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Mo 08.09.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack und La Moustache: Quilt (Mexican Summer)
Anschließend: Schokokuss

"I left that world of dreams and entered one anew,” coos Anna Fox Rochinski, one-third of Boston trio Quilt, during “Tie Up the Tides.” Taken from Quilt’s new album Held In Splendor, the song actually follows that sentiment, as it shifts from one exquisite reverie to another. A soulful drift of subtle harmonies and guitars that hang just below the horizon line, this is a sleepy stunner, a seemingly passive hit that actively transports the listener on every spin."Either they replicate specific moments in the history of 20th-century American music that we cannot concretely pin down, or they are designed to reflect a set of unwritten expectations and parameters"- Pitchfork

"Quilt are from Boston and they sound appropriately collegiate, like they learned all their harmonizing from the Harvard a cappella group."- The Fader

"Kind of woodsy but more colourful and tripped out on the neo-mystical vibbraaationssss."- RoseQuartz

"Three part harmonies, drunken melodies"- Impose Magazine

"Bearers of God's personal shamble-pop dripped all the way from heaven..."-Bodies of Water

"Luminous, unfiltered, haunting psych-folk that teeters among three dangerously creative minds" - Boston Phoenix
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