Do 10.11.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack: Culture Reject (Can) + Skiing (Bln)

Thursdays=Good Music - afterparty ab 22 Uhr
Culture Reject began as the pop experiment of Torontos multi-instrumentalist Michael OConnell. The self-titled debut on Whitewhale Records introduced OConnells fresh collection of prose-induced, 60's soul inspired, lo-fi pop songs soon to be characterized as epitomizing the boldness of the new Canadian sound. Much of the attention came from the underground hit Inside the Cinema an understated anthem that revealed a taste for early Modest Mouse as much as for the syncopation of Afro-Cuban ensembles.

"Were CDs able to make babies, Culture Reject would undoubtedly be the lovechild sprung from the joining of Miracle Fortress' FIVE ROSES and Chad VanGaalen's SKELLICONNECTION...Every song is lush and meticulously arranged."

ECHO WEEKLY "greatness in the veins of Sebadoh in their earliest days and Plastic Ono Band-era John Lennon. There's a certain sweetness and romance in this startling pretty, tiny music."

"Michael O'Connell specializes in playing any instrument that makes a noise, and playing all of them masterfully. He uses this considerable skill to shape the artful melodies that accompany his evocative lyrics."


Skiing is a Berlin band consisting of Everett Darling and a rotating and dramatic cast of friends, lovers, family, ex-friends, ex-lovers, future-lovers, etc... Lyrics discuss sanity, time, celestial bodies, philosophy, sexuality, death, objects, peace, love, and sex.


Blog Review "Another Wave"
Skiing has an upbeat yet mellow sound and lyrics with a consistent and subtle, melancholic flow. Their album “Another Wave” leaves you with good vibes all round and is oddly nostalgic. I love the variety of instrumentals they’ve used in “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” and the never-ending river of vocals you can find in songs such as “Subtle Hunting” and “Brown Paper Packages”. These guys have some of the nicest lyrics I’ve ever listened to that seem to mesh perfectly together, leaving me with head nods in approval. “Another Wave” is a real treat with 11 unique songs that I would surely recommend to anyone. My favourite song was “Return Home”, chill vocals and guitar, what more could you want? Check em’ out.

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