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19.00 Uhr
Musik   CANCELLED wegen Krankheit To be re-sescheduled - Kneipen Abend
M:Soundtrack presents: Brokof (Bln)

Do 26.02.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   M:Soundtrack: Michael Feuerstack (Can/a.k.a Snailhouse) + Fire Harvest ((NL)
Thursdays = Good Music
Michael Feuerstack // Canadian indie rock veteran Michael Feuerstack has only been putting out music under his own name for a few years now, though he’s left a long trail of releases dating back to 1994 under the now-retired name of Snailhouse. He’s releasing a new record, The Forgettable Truth, next year and “Clackity Clack” is the first offering from it. The track is a heaving and gorgeous piece of music, anguishing and contemplative. “Only indecision can make a man regret what he hasn’t done” is just one of many poignant and beautiful lines that Feuerstack drops like rose petals. “This song chronicles how hard it can be to feel ok in our time — an ode to stay true in a world of media saturation and cult of personality,” Feuerstack explains. “Swathed in delays — the track was recorded largely live on the first take, with layers of vocals and strings added later.” - Stereogum

*Den Kerl solltet Ihr Euch mal genauer anhören: Der Songwriter Michael Feuerstack, eigentlich Kopf des seit 1994 aktiven kanadischen Indierockprojekts Snailhouse, bringt bald ein neues Soloalbum heraus. Zum Song "Clackity Clack" gibt es nun ein Video - und mit dem darin auftauchenden Protagonisten möchte man seine Geburtstagsparty wohl eher nicht tauschen. -

Fire Harvest (NL)

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