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Musik   M:Soundtrack mit Saroos (Alien Transisitor) + New Dog (US) + DJ Sibsi Sibsi

Thursdays=Good Music - afterparty ab 22 Uhr mit DJ Sibsi Sibsi
Saroos (alien transistor) // Berlin-Munich based trio Saroos read a lot of sci-fi, so it should comes as little surprise that the music they make sounds downright otherworldly. Florian Zimmer (Iso68, Contriva), Christoph Brandner (Lali Puna, Console) and Max Punktezahl (the Notwist, Contriva) are as much scientists as they are composers and instrumentalists -- they`re obsessed with sound as particles in motion, and devoted to creating stylistic collisions that pop as much as they probe.

The group`s 2006 self-titled debut was released quietly by the Notwist`s Alien Transistor label in 2006, but the break-steeped post-rock and electronica conained therein showcased Zimmer and Brandner`s ear for Two Lone Swordsmen-meets-Slint experimentation. Anticon`s Alias even stopped by for a collaboration, on the song "During this Course", and Punktezahl ended up joining when Saroos hit the road with his better-known band.

Knowledge both arcane and empirical suggests power in threes, so it makes sense that the band has hit its stride since. In 2009, Saroos covered post-punk legend Graeme Jefferies for Morr Music`s Not Given Lightly compilation, a tribute to the obscure but excellent ´80s New Zealand alt-rock scene. Later that year, they got to work on a stunning second album, See Me Not, which finds cLOUDDEAD`s Odd Nosdam in the role of producer and unofficial fourth member.

But what does Saroos sound like? Exotica gone even wilder -- abstract and shadowy. Or dub in reverse, where solid grooves emerge from skronk and noise. Like beats coated in dust, pushed through space by an astral zephyr. Or a huge wall of sound, frayed at both ends, whose core is a woven mass of impenetrable sonic particulate. And still, the effect isn`t one of claustrophobia. The Saroos sound is, as is its makers`s wont, something to be explored, something to get lost in.

New Dog (US) Born in Baku, Azerbaijan in the 80s, Anar’s family immigrated to Baltimore, MD during the breakup of the Soviet Union. Anar grew up in Baltimore, starting his first band (Metal Hearts) there as a teenager in 2004 with schoolmate Flora Wolpert-Checknoff. Metal Hearts won fans in the press who saw possibilities for the future:

“….emotionally wrought electric guitar duos and twinned vocals that deflect off one another and swirl into ghostly harmonies…. meanders through such beautifully forlorn terrain with a stately grace” – Baltimore City Paper

“unexpected, intriguing touches.”
– Pitchfork

In early 2007 Anar left Baltimore to live in Somerville, MA and start a new band with Mona Elliott (formerly of Victory at Sea) called Travels. Their recordings together generated more praise:

“Travels is an unpolished but compassionate gem of a pop album”
– Tiny Mix Tapes.

“Warm, firm and reassuring, the song has all the qualities of a good hug”-

With the dissolution of Travels, Anar began working on his own as New Dog, releasing "Lost Weekend" in 2013, "Classic Ballroom Dances" (Kill Rock Stars) in 2015, and "Teeth Marks" in 2016.

Do 29.09.2016
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Musik   M:Soundtrack: Boy Omega (Swe) Album Release "Full Moon Mantra" + Petula & Kid Ikarus Birthday Bash

Thursdays=Good Music - afterparty ab 22 Uhr

M:Soundtrack celebrates Boy Omega (Swe) Release Album "Full Moon Mantra" + Petula (U*N*S) & Kid Ikarus's (ampl:tude) Birthday Bash at Schokoladen Mitte on 29. September, 2016
doors open at 7 p.m. *Come early as the fun may just start at 7:30 and you do not want to miss it .. the aftershow TBA

>>> It's been four years since we last heard from Martin Hasselgren aka Boy Omega and now he's finally back! On sep 23rd the new (seventh) album "Full Moon Mantra" will be released and on sep 29th Boy Omega will play live at Schokoladen. This will also be the first Boy Omega Berlin-show in 3,5 years so don't miss out!

Boy Omega (Swe)
is the superhero moniker and roof under which Swedish multi-instrumentalist Martin Henrik Hasselgren collects his songs and visuals.

Boy Omega’s unique brand of experimental but yet very melodic elektropop is at once fragile, vibrant and wholehearted, and has drawn comparison to the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, Panda Bear, The Cure, Björk and Xiu Xiu to name a few.

Since he began writing songs under the Boy Omega moniker in 2002, Hasselgren has put out an impressive, rich body of work, including five full length albums, two compilations, four eps, and numerous singles.

Over the last decade, Boy Omega has played tons of shows all over Europe and shared stages with the likes of Isobel Campbell, Great Lake swimmers, Califone, Christian Kjellvander, Maria Taylor, The Hidden Cameras, to name a few. Hasselgren is also a member of the bands Tu Howl and Kubot.

Petula and Kid Ikarus
join forces again. Like they always do near the end of September. They have to. They were born for this. Expect new ideas and old fan favorites, expect sweet tea and bitter tears. Expect loops and beeps and apes and tapes. These are good people.

Do 10.11.2016
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Musik   M:Soundtrack: Culture Reject (Can) + Skiing (Bln)

Thursdays=Good Music - afterparty ab 22 Uhr
Culture Reject began as the pop experiment of Torontos multi-instrumentalist Michael OConnell. The self-titled debut on Whitewhale Records introduced OConnells fresh collection of prose-induced, 60's soul inspired, lo-fi pop songs soon to be characterized as epitomizing the boldness of the new Canadian sound. Much of the attention came from the underground hit Inside the Cinema an understated anthem that revealed a taste for early Modest Mouse as much as for the syncopation of Afro-Cuban ensembles.

"Were CDs able to make babies, Culture Reject would undoubtedly be the lovechild sprung from the joining of Miracle Fortress' FIVE ROSES and Chad VanGaalen's SKELLICONNECTION...Every song is lush and meticulously arranged."

ECHO WEEKLY "greatness in the veins of Sebadoh in their earliest days and Plastic Ono Band-era John Lennon. There's a certain sweetness and romance in this startling pretty, tiny music."

"Michael O'Connell specializes in playing any instrument that makes a noise, and playing all of them masterfully. He uses this considerable skill to shape the artful melodies that accompany his evocative lyrics."


Skiing is a Berlin band consisting of Everett Darling and a rotating and dramatic cast of friends, lovers, family, ex-friends, ex-lovers, future-lovers, etc... Lyrics discuss sanity, time, celestial bodies, philosophy, sexuality, death, objects, peace, love, and sex.


Blog Review "Another Wave"
Skiing has an upbeat yet mellow sound and lyrics with a consistent and subtle, melancholic flow. Their album “Another Wave” leaves you with good vibes all round and is oddly nostalgic. I love the variety of instrumentals they’ve used in “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” and the never-ending river of vocals you can find in songs such as “Subtle Hunting” and “Brown Paper Packages”. These guys have some of the nicest lyrics I’ve ever listened to that seem to mesh perfectly together, leaving me with head nods in approval. “Another Wave” is a real treat with 11 unique songs that I would surely recommend to anyone. My favourite song was “Return Home”, chill vocals and guitar, what more could you want? Check em’ out.

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