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Musik   M:Soundtrack: Brokof (bln) w/ guest Random Willson + Hold Your Horses (bln)

Thursdays = Good Music


“I was sitting out on my balcony staring down at my naked feet. I guess I'm not so bright, no I don't shine no light.” Set neither inside nor outdoors the opening line of second album Side By Side from Berlin's BROKOF sums up a band whose music shifts between observation of the world and self-reflection. Should we take part or hold back? Join in or look on? These are the questions of witnesses torn between the temptations of urban living and the need to actually contemplate life and its sensibilities.

BROKOF deliver the soundtrack of an anxious generation perpetually stuck between giving up and breaking out, singing with beautiful solemn sadness about encounters and fleeting moments of truth, hinting at rage born from the loss that occurs when one moves in life and about what one has to gain when there is nothing expected. Their intimate, authentic tone makes their songs easy to befriend. Sometimes affable, sometimes rocking, sometimes encouraging, their song's heart beats to a life- affirming rhythm, while eponymous front man and songwriter Fabian Brokof dwells languidly on those subjects which move him as they do many others. Where is my place in a world ever more hostile? How do I break down walls of disinterest? How can I get people to commit? How can I get closer to a love I can live? Miles away from irony and with awareness of the obstacles blocking the way, he asks himself tough questions but refuses simple answers.

BROKOF are Fabian Brokof (vocals, guitar), Arne Bergner (guitar, piano), Rocco Weise (bass) and, since December 2012, Puya Shoary (drums). Sorry Gilberto vs. Brokof was the first release on the band’s Goldrausch Records label, a joint EP with fellow band Sorry Gilberto (Berlin). 2010 brought A/B, another EP released as a 10-inch vinyl, followed by debut
LP Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey. In 2012 the band released the LP Side By Side.

*The Band is currently working on their third studio album.


guest // Random Willsonis an American-born poet, living in Berlin, Germany since 2010.
His name represents his philosophy. Random Willson could be anyone.
Random songs play over the courses of all our lives. Random experiences happen to everyone. Open minds receive, open minds decipher and open minds return those thoughts in many flavors. Random Willson is a channel. Life is a song sung.


Hold Your Horses 
//  Boot Skootn’ Outlaw Honkey Tonk  // Bln

When you get up Sunday morning to heat up an emergency can of hangover menudo soup, walk over to the stereo and search for that one tune that will make you feel better, Hold Your Horses’ version of "I’m a Ramblin’ Man" will most likely be on your shortlist. With interpretations of outlaw country originals, channeling the spirit of country music’s inspired 70’s, Hold Your Horses extend this tradition to your local road house.

From rowdy dance floor stompers like "London Homesick Blues", to Buck Owens' yearning “`Together Again”, this 5 piece unit combines its far flung backgrounds into a compelling blend of the American vernacular. Heavy vibrato pedal steel riffs, with chicken’ picking’ guitar licks and a power rhythm section are guaranteed to rumble the barn doors of the hinges by the end of the night.

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Musik   M:Soundtrack: Lloyd Williams (UK) + The Johns (NYC)

Thursdays = Good Music
Lloyd Williams (UK) //  is a British Songwriter, known for his unique Banjo and Guitar techniques as well as an uncompromising attitude to writing and playing music he loves. With shades of Nick Drake and John Martyn, he intertwines a darker folk americana edge, with a clasic British Folksound.

Already a cult name on the Folk circuit Lloyd is working with Legendary Producer John Wood, Who Was responsible for All 3 Nick Drake Albums, John Martyns, Bless the weather and solid air, As well as Pink Floyd, Fariport convention, Sandy Denny Solo albums, Cat Stevens, Incredible string band, Nico, And Squeeze. John has produced and mixed Lloyd Williams new Album

His Live performances see him effortlessly flip between Banjo and Acoustic Guitar, At times laying the sound with haunting church organs and Hurdy Gurdies. The new recordings see Lloyd take to the old school sound yet again, Recording and mixing using analogue tape, to gain the vintage warm tones so in keeping with his music.

Johnny Dydo ( the WoWz / Huggabroomstik / NYC) //Football player poet Johnny Dydo writes songs that may seem, at first, improbable, but are revealed to be, after multiple listens, inevitable.  His manifestations are influenced by urban Spanish music and bands like the Silver Jews as much as by the Ramones.  He lives in Brooklyn and performs as the Johns either solo or with a rock band.

Dydo delivers thought-provoking rock songs with a poet's attention to lyrical detail and an unpolished, sometimes erratic voice.  
- The New Yorker

Somewhere between the brutality of Billy Childish, the songwriterly grace of Nillson, the poetic innocence and landscapes of Daniel Johnton and the I-don't-give-a-fuck vibes that you've come to expect from Brooklyn DIY projects ofyesteryore lies The Johns.  
- Liv Carrow, Cassette Gods

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Musik   M:Soundtrack: Pale Honey (Swe) +

Thursdays = Good Music
Oftmals ist es eine Freude, wenn Genres wild vermengt werden. Im Falle der schwedischen Band Pale Honey (Ex -The Tapes) ist es jedoch sehr gut, dass man weiß, worauf man sich einlässt. Tuva Lodmark, Nelly Daltrey und Johannes Wiman überzeugen durchgängig mit minimalistischem Rock, klar und intensiv, eingängig und tanzbar. Aufrichtig und ungezwungen, mit einer gewissen Nonchalance wirkt das Trio aus Göteborg gleichgültig und abgeklärt, um im nächsten Moment aufgeregt mit dem Feuer zu spielen.

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