Mi 03.08.2016
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Tan Le Racoon(Indie/Hasenschaukel/Hamburg) + Royal Comfort (Oska Wald + Jummy Trash/Berlin)

DJ Monophonic (Indie, Electro, Pop)
Tan Le Racoon

Der Gentleman Bohemian Tan Le Racoon, Macher des legendären leider nun geschlossenen Clubs Hasenschaukel, wo in den letzten Jahren auf dem Hamburger Kiez dutzende Bands von Scout Niblett bis Doctorella gespielt haben, jetzt mit seiner eigenen Band (Musikalische Richtung Nikki Sudden/Swell Maps) im Schokoladen Berlin!

"Tan .U Sound should be seen as the loose association of Tan LeRacoon, Toxicgirl and Jetboy, all being multiple -not shizophrenic- personalities of gentleman Punk Tanju G. Boru, with reccuring friends and guests, who all have in common the urge to explore the world as it is; in all this world's own multiple beauty of reality, dreams, illusion and corruption.

The emphasis is set on being 'creator' instead of 'consumer'. People who are creative, who create are "god-like" creators of new worlds, of worlds of their own. Writing stories, storytelling in songs or simply imagining. That's the fun of being. Bending reality, blurring reality into something else. But more of this some other time...

So here we stand, in all respect to the world around us. Creating from our intuition not from any formulas our heads or the media gave us. At least we hope. Musically, the Tan likes to call it Glam Dub, others have called it 'Gothic Soul', it will always be Rock n Roll, by attitude, may it be deep Dub Bass, some technoid thunderstrom or just plain folky bluesy songwriting. It should all be connected by some mutual spirit.

A musical diversity hails from growing up to Moms records ("Elvis was great, but Dion was my first hero"), a punk rock adolescence, numerous bands, and a fanzine from the late seventies on, maturing through the school of New York City streets, almost being famous, and later the californian surf. Having played with seminal (punk-) rock heroes, and formed a hamburgian Reggae Soundsystem in the 80s (before it became pop culture), and touring with other acts when not doing his own, and as a DJ spinning records all over the world, leaving listeners irritated as the sound may jump from Reggae to Bluegrass to experimental electronics, Jazz and Techno, no guarantee given.

Next to this, the Tan writes words, some poetry compilations and one book, "Near By The End of The Rainbow or The Last Journey" being self-published and sold out(well, nearly, we have a few copies -approx 10- of the original 150 edition lying around, and some excerpt will appear on these pages fairly soon). Some new novels are works in progress, so is a compilation of some things past of the Tan, plus the Tan LeRacoon album, which wa sjust released in April 2016. After all, all was just the beginning..."

Royal Comfort

began as a street music project by a pubescent Oska Wald(chuckamuck) and a freshly migrated Jimmy Trash all of 9 years ago. The band was a rough and tumble folk punk band that used to entertain tourists for cash and also an excuse learn some of our favourite old-time-religion standards and classics on guitars, melodicas and balalaikas.

After both Jimmy and Oska moved on to more electric and professional projects, they both missed the loose improvisations and story telling warmth of these songs. Add to this their new relationship with the incredible talents of country superstar and drummer extraordinaire Big Daddy Mugglestone, and the Royal Comfort project is ready for a radiant and inspired rebirth.

Mixing the rapscallion rag that the young Jimmy Trash and Oska Wald used to get away with, with the inspiration of the heaviest country, soul and folk songwriters they have been touched by over the years, permutating into an intimate, americana inspired session of new songs and originals, continuations of folk themes, melancholic and bawdy rumpus numbers.

Mi 17.08.2016
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Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Alright Gandi (Indie/Berlin) + the name abides + Linse (Indie/Berlin/ Hamburg)

DJ Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Elektro, Pop)

Linse aus Berlin verbinden klassische Songwritng-Elemente mit sphärischen EGitarrenteppichen zu eingängigen Songs, die die klassische Songstruktur aufrechen, und sich statdessen dem Klangfarbenspiel verschreiben.

the name abides

the name abides – der Name packt das. Realistisch gesehen wird das die Zeit zeigen. Für den Moment aber sind sie voll da! Da wo der Dude sie hinträgt. tna geben dir alles was sie haben: Kolossalen Kontinental-Britpop mit einer gehörigen Prise Indierock, starke Melodien über krachige Gitarren – ihren Sound der 90er, transportiert ins neue Jahrtausend.

Ach ja: Und die Idee, dass man kein abgewichster Rocker oder pink-blumiger Popstern sein muss, um im musikalischen Sinne bedeutend zu sein – zumindest an einem Abend.

Alright Gandhi

Alright Gandhi formed in Berlin 2014, a place where people come to from all over the world to do whatever they feel like and nobody minds. Kalle Enkelmann (DE), Pietro Fornara (IT) and Rosa Gerhards (UK) met each other in the chaos of underground jam sessions and psychadellic jazz nights to play music on wild and crowded weekdays.
The band became an intimate alternative, a little oasis of songs visited by friends and musicians recorded by Kalle as the songs materialise. Alright Gandhi exists by the same motto as its carefree environment: if it smells good tastes good sounds good, say yes! But it goes far away from heavy industrial Berlin. Full of acoustic, natural sound, it's the calm voice reflecting how all that freedom feels.

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