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Mi 06.08.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge präsentiert: Lake Felix (Indie/Berlin) + Sister Chain and Brother John (Indie/UK) + Cam Butler (Soundscapes/Aus)
DJ Nordpolzigeuner (Indie, Balkan, Pop)
Lake Felix

I'm doing my best to get that bunch of aged monsters, stinky ghosts and looney witches out of me with words, sounds, silence and anger and sometimes it works. So that you and I can see them swimming in a deep lake of clear water as if they actually were nothing but shiny little fishes.

And I have a convoy, helping myself with loopstation and e-guitar. Live choirs and several guitar sounds make me forget that I am alone. And finally I might find a few accomplices, so that I am honestly not alone.

Cam Butler

(Cam Butler & The Shadows Of Love, The Coralinas, Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions, Silver Ray) is a unique electric guitarist and composer with an instantly recognisable sound. Rather than relying on fx, Cam uses plectrums, his fingers, found objects, brushes, capos and tunings to fashion his soulful, 21st century guitar music. A lover of the sound of strings, he has composed epic music for string quartets, string orchestras, singers and bands.

His new album, Self Portrait, is a collection of solo electric guitar instrumentals floating on a cushion of mysterious, other-worldly electro-acoustic backings.

Sister Chain & Brother John

The duo Sister Chain & Brother John formed in July 2005 when Berlin-based singer Sister Chain (Skin Blues, Spinster Sister) and Brother John Higgins (former frontman of London band Val's Basement and fly by night producer) met in a mysterious bookshop.

Since that day, Sister Chain and Brother John have played numerous concerts in churches, on boats, on street corners in war zones as well as the usual nightclubs, festivals and concert halls. They have toured Scandinavia, UK, continental Europe and the US and supported international acts like Lene Lovich, Jowe Head (Television Personalities) and Michael Dempsey and Lol Tolhurst of The Cure.

They released their debut album "Darkness to Warm Your Heart" in 2008 and followed up with their second album "The Androgyne Show" in 2012. Their EP "Take Cover" was released in 2013. Looking like Victorian gentlefolk, wielding a distorted bass guitar and a tambourine, they relate stories of the wicked set and the lovelorn; of teenage daydreams and erotic nightmares, creating what can best be described as Parlour Punk or latter day chamber music.
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