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Do 30.10.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge präsentiert: SEDLMEIR (Rockn´Roll/Berlin) + John David Hull (Indie/Berlin) + Marine (Indie/UK)
DJ Team Berg and Tal (Indie, Elektro, Pop)

Melodien sind sein Leben Der Antiheld des Rockenroll zögert sein Comeback immer weiter hinaus. Kein Wunder, denn er fühlt sich noch immer zu jung für eine feste Beziehung mit dem Showgeschäft.
Denn offen soll diese Beziehung sein, so offen wie Sedlmeir selbst: Was als enges Minimal-Korsett mit Gitarre, Drumcomputer und Synthesizer-Häppchen daher kommt entpuppt sich beim zweiten hingucken als eigenständiger Kosmos mit schier unendlichen Möglichkeiten. „Der einzige Mann von dem Elvis noch etwas hätte lernen können.“ (Vice Magazin) <file:///http::/> aktuelle Videos: SOMMER IN <> BERLIN DINGER <> <> 20 MARK


David started his musical life after careers in Football and electronics. 1986 found him playing double bass for various folk and busking bands. Started playing in Naklada a art rock band in 1993. Solo in 1995 and 6 albums later, and all of a sudden we are seeing the release of the album "Wrap them Up": that got the attention of Gideon Coe of BBC 6. His style is becoming more and more folky always with a progressive edge.


“With a soulful, powerful blend of intricate guitar parts and dextrously interwoven vocals, London-based all-female outfit M A R I N E are rather special.

The band first sparked into being in the summer of 2012 when Ruby Jack and Cara Sebastian sat in the warm glow of a campfire. They soon realised their shared longing to move away from the stripped-back arrangements of the folk scene towards something more electric.

Lyrics incorporate personal themes (such as panic attacks and early deaths) while also touching on the mythological. The first EP is due for release in November. Recorded at The Grand Chapel studios just outside London.” Rebecca Davies – Drunken Werewolf Magazine

Mi 05.11.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge präsentiert: Call Me Cleo (Pop/Rock/Groove)
DJ Monophonic (Indie, Electro, Pop)
Call Me Cleo

has a powerful, dark, groovy and energetic sound. The band has spent most of its time together creating and recording and is now ready to throw itself out there!Being the mastermind behind it all leadsinger Susanne Folk „Cleo“ personifies a kind of modern Cleopatra: „I find that the imagery has been snaking its way through my music all along, the visual aspect underlining my magestical and ambiguous songs. While based on my own true feelings my songs are never meant autobiographically, they tell stories and play with imagery that is far greater than myself...“ But the real epiphany of it all lies in a song which title is the bandname itself and will leave people scratching their chins a little less after having heard it.

Determined drum beats, distorted basslines and a wide sound spectrum from the keys mingle with the recognizable warm and dark female voice.

Unique grooves underline the imagery-filled lyrics and the way the instrumental parts contain woodwinds might actually lead to one of Cleo´s missions to succeed: to help stabilize the saxophone as a wanted instrument in popular music throughout the course of the 21st century!
Mi 19.11.2014
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge präsentiert: Lovers Electric (Indie-Pop) + CREATURES (Record Release Party)
DJ Monophonic (Indie, Elektro, Pop)
Lovers Electric

David Turley & Eden Boucher started making music together on a Summer holiday in Australia as teenagers, combining their love of pop, fashion, guitars & synths, they began the journey of the ever travelling band they are today.Following some great tours in Europe & the U.S in 2008, Lovers Electric hit the studio in Sheffield, England to record their debut album "Whatever you want" released later that year with Sony Australia, which was a top 10 hit in the iTunes charts and stormed into the top slot in the club charts with their debut single 'Honey'.Next up they camped out in the barn at Ridge Farm Studios in South England with producer David Tickle (Prince, U2, Split Enz) to record their sophomore album "Impossible Dreams", which was released with Universal Germany in 2011, with singles "Beating like a Drum" & "Love can save us" on high rotation and the album reaching top 10 in the charts.They are currently putting the final touches to their 3rd album, which was recorded somewhere between Berlin, London & the Italian countryside with producer Philipp Steinke (Boy), set for release early 2015.


As the last guests of the party depart, leaving sodden confetti and the smell of cigarettes lingering behind, you might just begin to notice a little light creeping behind the rootftops of Berlin. This is the hour where CREATURES resides...[the debut EP] is stunning. tender, tart and completely captivating. The music is woven with delicate guitars, synths and sparse drums. It shimmers and yields, and you won't be able to look away.
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