Mi 02.09.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge präsentiert: Marta Collica (Slowmotion-Pop/It/Berlin) + Roller One (Fol Noir/Aus) + Birte Volta (Indie-Folk/Hildesheim)

DJ-Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Elektro, Pop)
Marta Collica

Marta Collica is an Italian songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Marta's voice is unmistakeable - beautifully emotive, dark and dreamy with a smouldering intensity. Now based in Berlin, she is a key member of the John Parish Band (composer and producer for PJ Harvey, Eels, Tracy Chapman etc) and is also well know for her long term collaboration with Australian songwriter Hugo Race with their duo, Sepiatone. Marta plays guitar, keyboards and percussion with an original style that combines minimal arrangements - seemingly delicate but also distorted, with an undercurrent of psychedelia.

Marta is currently finishing her third solo album which she is co-producing with guitarist and composer Cam Butler. It was recorded over a period of two years in Berlin, Melbourne, Paris and Italy and adds to her long, rich history of recordings and collaborations: Her two solo albums - About Anything (2009), Pretty and Unsafe (2007) released in Italy and Germany; three albums as duo Sepiatone, most recently Echoes On (2015); three albums with John Parish Band - Screenplay (2013), Plum (2007), Once Upon A Little Time (2005); four albums with Hugo Race & The True Spirit; and the new Playing Carver album - a project inspired by the writings of Raymond Carver, written and recorded in Paris with Atlas Crocodile, Marc Chonier (Gaspard La Nuit) and John Parish

 - “Pop as a warm chill” - Intro -

“About Anything" is timeless and blurs the border between musical dreaming and obscurity.- MOTOR-DE

 - “Her lyrics are a search for the voice of the streets at night. - SPEX

- With About Anything she managed to dip some of her pieces into shimmering sound bath, which one is only too happy to get immersed into. (…) About Anything is the perfect soundtrack to watch the clouds and drift off to.” (Dorfdisco-DE)

Live set:
Marta Collica - voice, guitar, keyboard
Cam Butler - guitars
Rachel Maio - cello, voice


Video zu "In This Town":

Birte Volta

Birte Volta macht Indie-Folk gemixt mit Blues und rockigen Balladen – und einer rauchigen Stimme, irgendwo zwischen Julie Doiron und PJ Harvey.

Bei der aktuellen Neuveröffentlichung spielte die Musikerin nicht - wie bei der Debut-CD – alle Instrumente selbst ein, sondern ließ ihre Kompositionen zum Teil dem englischen Neo-Folk-Duo The Diamond Family Archive interpretieren.


Roller One

Roller One is intentionally stripped back, raw and naked. The songs are influenced by Country Music, Folk Music, the rich Melbourne music scene and history with a desire to create something pure. The songs contain Fergus’ acutely perceptive conviction and roam into a stark, yet stunning musical landscape. Adam’s double bass playing bends and strains like a man short of emotional breath, each note welcome and vital.

Mi 16.09.2015
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge präsentiert: Bikini Jesus(New Wave Surf) + Sun Tailor (Indie/Tel Aviv)

Dj Reboot FM /Indi/Soul)
Sun Tailor (Indie/Tel Aviv)

A messenger of independent folk, dancing between the shadows and the light.

Since releasing his debut album Like The Tide in 2012, Arnon Naor, aka Sun Tailor, has become one of the leading figures in the Israeli indie scene.

This Light, Sun Tailor's new album, represents a shift in his approach to music both as a performer and as a producer.

Bikini Jesus (New Wave Surf)

Finally back in Berlin after seeking inspiration along the Trans-Siberian, in Paris, Scotland and on the Moselle. For lovers of dream pop, reverb-heavy guitar and hairy beach dudes. Debut album to be released soon. Dancing encouraged!

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