Mi 21.03.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Raw By Peppers (Indie/Korea) + Fjaka (Indie/Berlin)

DJ -Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)

Through their tender croons over emotionally rich, dreamy and atmospheric sounds, the three-member indie rock band Raw By Peppers offer a hypnotic musical experience of the space and universe. The group’s arresting new release, Cosmos, captivated a large following in the underground indie music scene in Korea and serves as a testament to their soon-to-come international fame.

The album [COSMOS], which carries space journey of boys, is the expanded version of their vision of the universe that was shown in the previous work [Spaceship out of bones]. To fully include the energy, it was recorded as One take without dubbing. And was wraped up by Emily Lazar’s mastering who has been nominated for Grammy by working with David Bowe, Paul McCartney, Velvet Underground, Wu-Tang Clan, Coldplay and many others.


Fjaka consists of Kriston, Matt, Nir and Christos. Formed through a network of musicians based in Berlin the group gelled quickly. Matt, Nir and Christos had all studied at Jazz schools in their respective home countries, and there was a clear substance-over-style approach to creating music which they all shared. The band has a collective and diverse musical past, which ranges from free jazz to hip hop. Now their sound has been described as a mix of soul and rock with homage to rhythm and blues. The band counts D’Angelo, Last Shadow Puppets and Anderson Paak. as a few of their main influences.

Mi 04.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Sedlmeier (Indie/Berlin) + Glassberg and the Disasters (Indie/Berlin)

DJ -Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)

Melodien sind sein Leben :
Der Antiheld des Rockenroll zögert sein Comeback immer weiter hinaus. Kein Wunder, denn er fühlt sich noch immer zu jung für eine feste Beziehung mit dem Showgeschäft.
Denn offen soll diese Beziehung sein, so offen wie Sedlmeir selbst: Was als enges Minimal-Korsett mit Gitarre, Drumcomputer und Synthesizer-Häppchen daher kommt entpuppt sich beim zweiten hingucken als eigenständiger Kosmos mit schier unendlichen Möglichkeiten.

„Der einzige Mann von dem Elvis noch etwas hätte lernen können.“ (Vice Magazin)

Glassberg and the Disasters (Indie/Berlin)

Witty and weirdly affecting tales of overly picky Berlin club bouncers, hapless B-movie directors, frustrated physics grad students and more, set to infectious melodies and polished off with lo-fi indie-pop sparkle, a touch of country and the occasional sax solo.

Mi 18.04.2018
19.00 Uhr
Musik   Lofi Lounge presents: Lakes Of Light (Indie/ AU /Berlin) + Blitzberg (Indie/Berlin)

DJ -Team Berg & Tal (Indie, Electro, Pop)
Lakes of Light (Indie-Elektro/Aus)

We're on top with the electro pop. Directly from the beach... Now residence of Marzahn the new trend quarter. Recording on 20th floor of platen bau... Only 2 exists in the group, Damian Press (keys guitar) and Ben King vocals and samplers. They were already successful with another band called Expatriate and toured for two years with Placebo.

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