Fr 03.03.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   little league shows prsnts: HAWK (indie/post-rock/post-punk, uk/bln) & BIKINI JESUS (indie pop/surf/new wave, bln)

Little League Shows presents:

HAWK /// indie/post-rock/post-punk, uk/bln
Bikini Jesus /// indie pop/surf/new wave, bln

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show 8 pm.
after 10 pm: djs, tba
"HAWK are an indie band based in Berlin. Hailing from the west of Ireland and the UK, the band formed in London, releasing three EPs before moving to Berlin in 2016. Described by The Line of Best Fit as “simply sublime - sharp post-punk riffs akin to Warpaint's clearer moments or Savages' smoggier ones”, the band have constantly added to their abrasive edge, teaming this with Julie Hawk’s celestial vocals to create a driving, expansive sound. Their music has ‘activism at its heart’, with their most recent releases singing out about marriage equality, abortion laws, and attitudes towards the female body. HAWK will release the EP ‘She Knows’ on 17th March 2017 via Veta Records.“

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„As soon as Bikini Jesus meets, the dreadful Berlin weather turns into bright sunshine. Little is known about how exactly this works, but it seems to require a certain ritual involving reverb-drenched guitars, hypnotic bass lines, twisted drum beats and bittersweet vocals. Despite a lack of scientific evidence, Bikini Jesus continue to celebrate their climate-change voodoo in front of selected audiences."

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Sa 11.03.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   little league shows, quartett & future sailor concerts: BOTSCHAFT (indie, bln/hh) + STRAND CHILD (indie, bln)

Quartett BookingLittle League Shows & Future Sailor Concertspräsentieren:

Botschaft (Hamburg, Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten)
Strand Child (Berlin, Späti Palace)

DJs: tba.

Wenn man sich schon Botschaft nennt, macht es Sinn auch eine zu haben: Die so betitelte, erst in diesem Frühjahr gegründete Band hat das: Malte Thran, Peter Tiedecken (Ex-Station 17 und The Robocop Kraus), Nils Kempen (Ex-Station 17 und Saboteur) und Holger Lüken (Ex-Tusq) sehen sich in der Sophisticated Pop-Tradition der 80er, Namen wie Scritti Politti und die Smiths werden als Referenzen genannt.
Tatsächlich verstehen es Botschaft, ähnlich wie ihre Vorbilder, anschmiegsamen Synth-Pop mit Gesellschaftskritik zu verschmelzen. Das ist zwar nicht sonderlich neu – man denkt unweigerlich an Die Sterne und die ganze poppigere Schiene der sogenannten Hamburger Schule – aber dennoch gut gemacht. Das Stück »Niederlage« behandelt den Einzug der Konkurrenz in moderne Liebesverhältnisse und die daraus resultierende Wahrnehmung des Scheiterns in ebensolchen Verhältnissen als persönlichen Fehler. (SPEX)

Strand Child
Hailing from Berlin, Germany, is an indie band of like-minded, international musicians, creating a cohesive and current blend of various musical influences. In Strand Child’s sound, one can find lessons learned from the 70s power-poppers, Big Star, a hint of late 80s experimentation of Guided By Voices, as well as the unbreakable loyalty to the decade-defining work of 90s heavyweights, Pavement. This, combined with passion and creativity of each individual member, results in a sound totally unique and relevant to the state of the genre.

Mo 10.04.2017
19.00 Uhr
Musik   little league shows + lou fai prsnt: ROBOTRA (noise pop, at) & JUST FRIENDS AND LOVERS (lofi/post-punk, at)

Little League Shows + Lou Fai present:

Robotra /// indie pop/noise rock, at /// Numavi Records
Just Friends and Lovers /// post-punk/lo fi/indie pop, at /// Fettkakao

at Schokoladen. doors 7 pm, show 8 pm.
aftershow djs after 10 pm
"ROBOTRA is an austrian three-piece indie lofi noisepop band.They played about 100 shows in 13 different european countries with such great bands as ‘Japandroids’ or ‘Screaming Females’.“

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„“In a masterly spun web the three Lo-Fi goddesses of JUST FRIENDS AND LOVERS (JFaL) perform their merry-go-round of Post-punk, No-Wave and Indie-Pop. Besides their quick switches of instruments their melodies go straight to the listeners hearts and feet. Lina, Lena and Veronika are the opposite of smart alecks, they performed in several other bands such as Lady Lynch, Black Fox Tropikal or Telly Is The Tube and gained experience also in classical orchestras. Their speciality is the swift swapping of instruments, one is playing the drums and on the the next tune the other. One is singing or they’re starting a polyphonic ode. One is pressing the buttons on the keyboard whilst the others switching bass and guitar. The audience is delighted! „Perfection is not really our cup of tea“, they say. JFaL as a constellation have been active since 2011. They realeased two MusiCassettes on the Graz based Wilhelm Show me the Major Label. One single and their debut full length album „What, Colour?“ (2013) was released on the Viennese label Fettkakao."

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